De-Junking in Practice!!!

Posted Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hi Diva's! After last weeks conversation about de-junking...the kids and I went into over drive boxing up clutter from our rooms. The result was a car load of junk that we took to a community yard sale today (that's why I'm late with the post - hee hee). The yard sale was LOADS of fun with my friends and kiddos - and I finally got some much needed sun!!!

At the end of the day - I had only sold 4 items so I packed my stuff back in the truck and me and Krystal went to goodwill and unloaded the ENTIRE left overs before we even went home. It was SO liberating it felt like a weight was being lifted from my chest...just to hand all my junk over to someone else and know i would never have to see it again - WHEW!

So we got back to the house - pulled on the swimsuits and headed to the pool. I felt totally free for the rest of the day - and the funny thing is - when we got back home I started noticing TONS of other things that I can totally live without - kind of like - once I got the first load out - and knew how good it felt - I realized the happy feeling the 'stuff' gives me compares in NO way to the AWESOME feeling getting rid of the 'stuff' does. SO! my new commitment is (like Supermom suggested) to keep a goodwill pile in the house and then EVERY Saturday I'm taking it to good will - I dont care if it is nothing more than a purse, sweater, or book.

Im super excited about my new de-junking journey and look forward to making my house look the way I want it to - once I get all the clutter out!

I would LOVE to hear any stories or suggestions! If you missed last week's conversation - read it here :)
Happy Weekend! XO

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