Wall Art for Little Bedrooms

Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At the slightest hint of Spring, the cleaning, de-cluttering, purging, rearranging, and redecorating side of me jumps into action, especially in the kids bedrooms - holy moly kids can cram a ton of stuff in their rooms, especially over the winter, [what's with that?]! Once their rooms are sparkling and orderly, the rearranging and redecorating begins! In our house, this kind of redecorating is more rearranging than redecorating, 'cause there isn’t much budget for “decorating.” So we move furniture around, add and subtract accessories from one room for another, turn sheets into curtains, and do all we can to make the room look totally fresh and different.

Art work is always something I struggle with in my kids rooms. I want something fun, creative and inspiring, but I also want it to work for my 3 year old or my 10 year old, and still work when they're 16. [I know I ask a lot for my $1]

The EtsyKids team has an amazing selection of “wall art.” Prints or original works in a variety of different themes, colors, sizes and prices. How fun to be able to add a new dimension to a child’s space with an original piece of art. Here are four to get your search started.

I'll be sharing more EtsyKids wall art over the coming weeks. Look for them on Wall Art Wednesdays.

EtsyKids Design Challenge - We Have a Winner!

Posted Monday, March 29, 2010

Congratulations to the winner of this month's challenge 17.Build a Tree Decal Kit - Kids Decal by: trendypeas!
Trendy Peas offers beautiful and affordable wall art for a modern nursery as well as very cute invitations and so much more. Their amazing wall decals are made of fabric and unlike vinyl, they are easily removable and reusable. Trendy Peas lovely and colorful images will surely brighten up your tot's room, just click here and see for yourself.

Etsy Kids in Full Bloom

Posted Sunday, March 28, 2010

EtsyKids team members kicked off the first week of Spring with a flower garden full of beautiful handmades for babies, kids and tots! All week long team members posted some of their favorite flower inspired EtsyKids finds on the Etsy Forums. Check it out to see all the amazing variety the team has to offer!

Peasant Dress in Mocca by ButterflyBabyPlace
Felted Flower Ring - buttercup by thecleverkitty
Red, Blue Flower Reversible Bib by brooksboutique
Everyday Necktie, Red Blossoms by Me and Matilda
Spring Bloom Crocheted Hair clip Set by AngelFishBoutique

Every Monday morning Liz of Daisy Creek Designs selects a new theme of EtsyKids handmades to highlight. Stop by and see the latest in chic designs for the little ones in your life.

5 Life Skills Every Kid Needs

Posted Saturday, March 27, 2010

I just finished reading a most interesting article in Parenting Magazine. I wanted share some snippets. If you'd like to read the entire article - it is from the April 2010 Issue called Parenting Early Years. You can read more at Parenting.com and also find them on twitter and FaceBook.

5 Skills Every Kid Needs

1. How to be a loser
~Not the good for nothing loser but how to loose at something and still be okay.
!Lead by example...Model being a good loser over and over.

2. How to be a joiner
~Not that your child should be indistinguishable from the flock, but knowing how to join in an activity or a preexisting group.
!Teach your child to recognize the 'friendly vibes' that certain kids in the group may be giving off. Eye contact...instead standing outside the circle and asking 'can I play' and not being heard by anyone. They should approach the child that is making eye contact and smiling.

3. How to fight for what's right
~Being the defender of someone lower on the social food chain than you is enormously scary- it can feel as though your entire social survival is at stake, which is why almost all kids need help to do so. Having both the confidence and the moral judgment to not only refuse to join in the teasing but also walk away or even better stand up for what's right.
!All this takes is basic conversation...kids instinctively know that its wrong to hurt someone elses feelings.

4. How to be a good actor
~Knowing which emotions to reveal and which ones are better kept under wraps, to be expressed later. It also means learning ho to be less than honest at times for the sake of others feelings. You will no doubt teach your child to say to his well meaning great aunt who didn't get him a Wii 'Thank you, I can really use these thermal tube socks'.
!This one is all about impulse control. You can teach them how to keep from blurting out by giving simple guidelines and steps.

5. How to question authority
~A kid who questions authority and manages to do so respectfully and effectively is a kid who will do well for himself in the long run.
!Kids question authority naturally - the key is to guide them on how to do it politely and on your end, say yes whenever possible

Spring Cleaning

Posted Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is my first time posting here on the EtsyKids blog :)
My name is Liz, and I am a lucky mama with 4 great kids. I have 2 boys & 2 girls.

I was thinking that since Spring is finally here, I would do a post about spring cleaning. I have been doing a little bit everyday . It is a big job, but I am enjoying it! It is so nice to be able to open the windows and let some fresh air in after being cooped up all winter long. We have had such gorgeous sunny and warm days here in Maryland lately.

As I clean I keep thinking about what kinds of things really help out and cut my cleaning time down. With 4 kids and a move coming up I need all the help I can get! I try to use natural cleaners whenever possible. Here are a few things that I have found really work well. I hope that this helps you too and if you have any tips please post and share!

1. To clean out your microwave (mine gets so gross, it is not even funny) I put about 1/2 cup of white vinegar and about 1/2 cup of water into a glass bowl and put it inside the microwave and turn it on for about 2 minutes. Then you can take the bowl out (carefully! It is really hot) and just wipe out the yuck! I leave the door open for a little while so the vinegar smell can dissipate :)

2. To clean all the grease off of the hood of my stove (OMG I just discovered this yesterday!!) A  Magic Eraser (The Mr. Clean one) WORKS MIRACLES!! Oh my goodness, with a little bit of scrubbing that yucky grease came right off. Also works great on the stove top!

3. Laundry Stains are a pain, but if it is an organic stain, I swear by Bac Out from Bi-O-Kleen. It uses enzymes to naturally remove stains. I use it on my sons cloth diapers too and it works so well :)

4. Homemade natural cleaners are awesome, inexpensive any my favorite part is you can make them smell like whatever you want! Here is a neat website with all kinds of cleaning "recipes" 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Please be sure and share your tips in the comments!

EtsyKids Design Challenge - It's time to VOTE!

Posted Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's time to vote for your favorite item! Voting will be open through midnight EST on Saturday, March 27th. This month, EtsyKids members were challenged to create an exciting new item based on a theme "Inspired by Nature". We received a lot of fantastic entries from some talented designers and crafters. Please check out their work below and VOTE for your favorite!

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.

1. by: zsazsa32
2. lisianthus... pair of pink hair flower clips...... by: sunnybrookfarmdesign
3. Blueberry...eco friendly girl dress by: OliveandFern
4. Bib and Burp Cloth Baby Bundle Set in Spring Tulips on Scarlet by: SoMommySew
5. Infant Overall in Pretty Pink and Purple Butterflies by: OverallBaby
7. B-Fly by: InnerPiecesGallery
8. Cashmere Cloche Baby Hat- Free Shipping in US by: jaclyn43552
9. Rose Garden Crocheted Hat and Bag Set size 5/7 years by: ringsaroundrosie
10. Fellow Gnome at Home - (Waldorf Wood Nestling Play Set) by: prettydreamer
11. Enjoy the fall shades with paisley print 3 tiered dress with beaded straps by: TrendieTreasures
12. My Bath Buddy Monster Soap Saver - With Cucumber, Avocado, Almond, Orange Peel Soap - New Product by: BBsForBabies
13. Spring Daisy Baby Cotton Cap 'n Booties Set by: ohbabydotcom
14. Red and Pink Wooden Butterfly Wand by: Imaginationkids
15. Rainbow Garden Soft Book - FREE SHIPPING by: MamaMayI
16. Caterpillar and Butterfly Felt Finger Puppet Set - Carl and Ben by: feltplayground
17. Build a Tree Decal Kit - Kids Decal by: trendypeas
18. Lake Tahoe Stripe Hat (1-2 years) by: littlechickknits
19. Spring Flowers Girl's Jacket by: lilelephants
20. by stayawake
21. Organic Lap Tee-Recycle symbol sized 12months by: BirdandBean
22. DayDreamer Journal - Wise Hoots -- Includes Notebook and Pen by: DucksInARowBoutique
23. Pheasant Dreams Bubble Dress sizes 6mos.-7 years by: cuppycakedesigns
24. DAISY - CUSTOM COLOR - Set of 2 Flower Hair Bow Clips by: lilprincessbow
25. Spanish First Birthday Short Sleeved T-Shirt with Candle - Organic Blue Birds by: bubblekidshop
26. Chickie Kid Kit by: SmartBottomKids
27. NEW FOR SPRING 2010 - Hannah Halter Tunic by: 1crown3tiaras
28. Modern Peasant Dress in Aqua and Red Bliss by Olive and Ollie by: oliveandollie
29. Into the Ocean Jeweled Boutique Barrette by: littlebutterbeans
30. Make Your Own Birth Announcements Printable Template by: sweetbeets
31. Funky Little Chick- Easter Shirt - YOU CHOOSE SIZE by: LafftyCrafty
32. Forest Critters Jumble Ball - soft baby toy with rattle by: woodponddesigns
33. HEDGEHOG FAMILY............HAIR CLIPPIE by: CuckooBoo
34. 0-12 mo. Rustic Brown Chunky Noggin Wear by: BallOfYarnToo
35. Spring 2010 ... Modern Butterfly Shirt ... perfect birthday present by: modernfrills
36. Wildflowers Long Ruffle Tank Size 2T, 3T, or 4T by: elizakatedesigns
37. Flight of Fancy Girls Gaucho Pants Ages 3,4,5 by: Bellesmademoiselles
38. Underground Homes - Graphic by: LittleDumplingPrints
39. Strawberry Onesie or T-Shirt by: hounddogdesigns
40. Bunny ...... Chocolate by: SquishyBee
41. Mermaids Party Knot Dress, size 2 by: HotFudge
42. Nature themed wool longies PRICE FOR SMALL by: Payley
43. 1970s Spring Jumper with 2 Aprons Size 4 or 5 by: msliesenfelder
44. HAPPY EASTER-Spring Sensation Party Favors Set of 6 by: craftyaddictions
45. Pink Floral Boutique Wrap Dress from Vivy's Closet by: vivyscloset
46. Couples or Family Keepsake Print with Name(s) Listed - 11 X 14 Birds on Branches by: gracehesterdesigns
47. CSL Boutique One of a Kind Vintage Ferns and Eyelet Peasent Dress Size 2 by: CandyStickLane
48. Organic Spring Bunny Flower Newborn Onesie by: westmama
49. Pretty Butterfly Heart Tree and Fern Flower Hair Clip Set with Large Fabric Buttons with a little bling by: sunshineshoppe
50. Gardening skirt by: jencdesigns
51. Upcycled tshirt meets Peasant Style Dress/Top - Size 2T - 4T by: jjandjojo
52. SandDance Custom Daisy Mae Reversible Top / Appliqued Embellished Jeans- 2pc set Sz 1T-8T by: SandDance
53. Funky Owl Reversible Kercheif Headband by: creativemindboutique
54. Flutter By Butterfly...Adorable Boutique Applique Shirt or Onesie...Soft Pink Chenille...Hot Pink, Lime Green, and Silver Polka Dots and Stripes...LONG or SHORT Sleeves...Custom Made Any Size by: gigglebabydesigns
55. Boutique Layered Felt and Button Flower Snap Clip...You Choose Colors...Made To Match...FREE SHIPPING by: LittleBitShabby
56. Flower Wall art / decor by: bellasparty
57. Pink Cupcake by: PBDesign
58. Spring Hummingbird Peasant Top and Pants Outfit - Custom Order 6M-6 by: BellaShade
59. Ladybug Applique Shirt or Onesie - Embroidered Personalized Custom Monogrammed by: EmbroideryByCindy
60. Super Soft Huggable Bunny - Reserved for amunn
61. Stroller Blanket - Ivory Minky with Giraffes in Savannah Scenery Cotton Print by: SnazzySnugglies
62. Luxurious minky baby toddler blanket with satin ruffles, trailing cherries by: yourloveyboutique
63. Tulips - T-Shirt or creeper by: roseprintsonline
64. Centipede Wall Pocket - Or Pocketpede by: TawnyBee
65. by: leslieshops22
66. Use Your Wings Notepad by: kindlivingdesigns

Please follow HERE to vote!
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