Lets De-Junk ~ Shall We?

Posted Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today I'm taking an excerpt from a book that I have to take in small doses (being a messie by nature) 'How To De-Junk Your Life'. The part I'm sharing today is the basic beginning to de-junking your home - This is a GREAT refresher for me - seeing that Im getting ready to tackle my house in the upcoming weeks:

When you wage your war on junk at home, it can be harder because many things in your house have sentimental value. So the first step is to decide what's really important to you. Once that's determined, take a look at what isn't being used or what could be eliminated. Attack one room at a time, set a specific time fram and be realistic about what can be done withtin that time frame.

1. Decide why you're collecting certain items and where you'll display your collection, even before you start to collect.

2. De-junk one room at a time.

3. Make a de-junking appointment and limit it to an hour or less.

4. Usage determines storage at home as well as at work.

5. Clean out storage areas periodically so you'll have more storage space.

6. Clean out your closets and make contributions to a favorite charity.

7. Decide what pieces of furniture, exercise equipment and other unused items need to go.

8. Help your children de-junk their rooms so they'll learn early about having a balance in their lives.

9. Don't forget basements, garages, sheds, patios and other areas that need to be de-junked.

10. Packrats and neatniks in the same house will need to compromise.

Today - I will be waging war on my bedroom - over the past few weeks of filling orders - I have been throwing any and everything in my room so it will be out of site.--Ok, cover me! Im goin in!!!


Shannon said...

Oh man, do I ever need to de-junk! I've been so busy this spring, and it has really taken a toll on my house. I will definitely keep these tips in mind. :)

Winklepots said...

I desperately need to de-junk. My first order of business is getting rid of all the old baby clothes that have just been stacking up in bins. They're taking over some much needed space. I think it's time to go to a consignment store and unload. :oP

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