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Posted Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Each week I hope to bring you some inspiring - or just plain ol' fun - recipes, activities and ideas that you can do with the kitchen! I'll try to feature and shine a spotlight on some related shop listings from our EtsyKids members as well (the best shop owners on Etsy, right?!?!)!

This week on EtsyKids' Kids in the Kitchen...let's talk about PICNICS!
I'm pretty sure that every single child on the planet loves eating their meals outside! And now is the perfect time to pack a lunch and head outside for a little food and fun in the sun! Here are some helpful tips and healthy ideas for your picnic lunch with the kids!

  • Pack your picnic basket with what you need 1st on top such as a tablecloth or silverware on top.
  • Keep cold food cold and warm food warm to prevent spoiling. Don't place warm food in your cooler. Wrap the dish in towels.
  • Store any uncooked food (if you are grilling) separately from cooked, prepared food.
  • Freeze a few juice boxes to help keep things cold and for a cool drink later in the day.
  • Place your food in zippered baggies and then on top of the ice in your cooler. This keeps food from getting wet once your ice starts melting.


Picnics are all about fast, easy to handle & easy to store menus! That's why kabobs are so much fun to prepare and take along on picnics! Forget about the kabobs you toss on the can make fresh and healthy "mini-lunches" on kabobs any time...and kids will love them! All you need is simple wooden skewers (you can find them at your local grocery store) and an assortment of healthy foods easy for skewering!

Here are some great ideas for making delicious kabob skewers to take along on your next picnic:
  • Great Snack: Cheese and ham cubes
  • Fruit Salad on a Skewer: Cut fresh fruit into one inch cubes or chunks: watermelon, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, bananas, & apples - to keep the fruit from "browning"...toss the cut fruit in a small amount of lemon juice before skewering. Also...freeze the fruit kabobs for an extra special treat on a hot summery day!
  • Salad on a Skewer: Cut up chunks of fresh veggies for your children to use to create their own fresh salad kabobs - cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets & carrot chips. You can also pack small containers of hummus, ranch dressing or your child's favorite dipping sauce too!
  • For a fun dessert kabob: Go to your favorite local donut shop and get a variety of donut holes. Have your children skewer donut holes onto the wooden skewers for a yummy treat!
Here are some great shop listings from EtsyKids Members to help you pack a perfect picnic lunch...just click on the images to go directly to the shop items!

Insulated Cool Sak from Naturally Felt, Reusable Sandwich Bag from MamaMade, Travel Bib from Odannysgirl

If you have an idea for an EtsyKids' Kids in the Kitchen blog post or would like your "Kids in the Kitchen" related shop items to be featured...just email Nicole, owner of Lil Boo & Co., at Subject Line: EtsyKids Blog

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Shannon said...

How fun! Now all I need is a nice sunny day, and I'll be all ready to picnic! Thanks for the great tips. :)

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