Posted Thursday, May 31, 2007

StoryBlox(TM) is a great place to buy fun, educational toys. From recycled crayons to creative takes on the classic set of alphabet blocks, Tammy has filled her shop with wonderful things for kids.

My son loves his set of StoryBlox, and we both have lots of fun playing with them. He is a very kinesthetic learner; he loves to manipulate his numbers and letters as he counts or sings the alphabet song. StoryBlox, like all alphabet blocks, are perfect for that kind of play. But StoryBlox have put a unique spin on this timeless toy. The blocks have letters, numbers, or symbols on two of each cube’s six sides, and the other sides have things like nursery rhymes, pictures, song lyrics, or sentence fragments. These blocks are truly a toy that will grow with a child, and they are fun for toddlers and older kids alike, as well as for many adults I know!

If you’re looking for an heirloom quality toy that will appeal to the classic kid in all of us, check out the Classic Nursery Rhymes set of StoryBlox.

StoryBlox offers many customized options, from birth announcement blocks to publishing your own children’s stories on a set of blocks. I also really like the way that Tammy has found a way to recycle crayons. Check out these adorable

I first met Tammy through Etsy’s Coproduction Contest, when we worked on a team to produce a special set of her blocks. When I received my set in the mail, I was delighted by the superior quality of the blocks. The painting is colorful and crisp, and the blocks have a nice, solid feel to them. There’s just something satisfying about well-made wooden toys like those you’ll find at StoryBlox!

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Seaside Quilts

Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Talented, colorful, and classic. Seaside Quilts has it all! Rachel, the talented creator and founder of Seaside Quilts, has an eye for color!

As you can see in her “Opposites Attract” Quilt, her quilts feature stunning colors and patterns. Not only does she create beautiful quilts, but she also has custom made (stamped, painted, and sewn) onesies, bibs, and burp cloths.

I, personally, have to say my favorite items are her “I Spy” quilts! What an original, fun, and educational idea!

Check her out at for more colorful and original children items.

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