Lets De-Junk ~ Shall We?

Posted Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today I'm taking an excerpt from a book that I have to take in small doses (being a messie by nature) 'How To De-Junk Your Life'. The part I'm sharing today is the basic beginning to de-junking your home - This is a GREAT refresher for me - seeing that Im getting ready to tackle my house in the upcoming weeks:

When you wage your war on junk at home, it can be harder because many things in your house have sentimental value. So the first step is to decide what's really important to you. Once that's determined, take a look at what isn't being used or what could be eliminated. Attack one room at a time, set a specific time fram and be realistic about what can be done withtin that time frame.

1. Decide why you're collecting certain items and where you'll display your collection, even before you start to collect.

2. De-junk one room at a time.

3. Make a de-junking appointment and limit it to an hour or less.

4. Usage determines storage at home as well as at work.

5. Clean out storage areas periodically so you'll have more storage space.

6. Clean out your closets and make contributions to a favorite charity.

7. Decide what pieces of furniture, exercise equipment and other unused items need to go.

8. Help your children de-junk their rooms so they'll learn early about having a balance in their lives.

9. Don't forget basements, garages, sheds, patios and other areas that need to be de-junked.

10. Packrats and neatniks in the same house will need to compromise.

Today - I will be waging war on my bedroom - over the past few weeks of filling orders - I have been throwing any and everything in my room so it will be out of site.--Ok, cover me! Im goin in!!!

Friday Finds: EtsyKids Pacific Southwest region

Posted Friday, May 29, 2009

Today's Friday Finds are based on one of our regions' team tag "EtsyKids Team PSW," which is the Pacific Southwest region (California, Hawaii, and Nevada).

Camrie the Cute Crab Clip by Emmaleesboutique.

Hope you have a great weekend! :-) 

EtsyKids Design Challenge for May: and the winner is....

Posted Thursday, May 28, 2009

11. beach comber - the patchy dress

from sunnybrookfarmdesign

Be sure to visit her Etsy shop to see more sweet dresses, clothing, and accessories for girls!

Thanks to all of the other EtsyKids members who entered the May Design Challenge! It was great to see all of the fun beachy items...perfect for a summer vacation!

Baby items

Posted Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am pregnant so I love spending hours looking at all the awesome baby items on Etsy.com.

Today I would like to point you to a few shops that I found on etsy that are with in the EtsyKids group.

They are talented artists all working to provide a comfortable and safe product for mamas and babies.

For cloth diapers I fell in love with Rockerbyebaby

But the item in her shop that I am absolutely in love with is

She has tons of other items that are just out of this world and will rock baby's world, lol.

Now another artist I like is Pinklemonadebags

She has the most awesome bags ever. Here is my favorite:

Come and check her out there are soo many choices it will make your head spin.

And my third artist for today is Brooksboutique

Great bibs and tons of other items to look through. You are sure to find something baby needs here.

My favorite:

Now I just got to find out what the gender is on this baby so I can start my shopping.


Posted Monday, May 25, 2009

Apparently, in this tech-savvy-text-messaging-society, .02 means "my two cents worth." I did a Google search of chat language, and I was overwhelmed!
While I use the occasional acronym, I think it's sad that so many teenagers are losing the art of writing due to constant texting. English is becoming a second language and Text-speak has become common-place. Gone are the days of Pig-Latin and decoder rings, now we need chat acronym dictionaries.

While I don't think that teenagers actually use Text-speak when they're talking (though, I don't personally have teenagers yet), I've read about how some have a hard time writing research papers; and it's no wonder when some are sending up to 8,000 text messages a month! The comic Zits even makes fun of how texting has replaced speaking as a way to communicate.

While I'm all for technology and it's advancements, there comes a point where the convenience factor outweighs the benefits. I wonder what would happen if there was a National No-Texting Day. Would we cease to exist? Wander aimlessly wondering what to do with all of the free time? Curl into the fetal position and rock back and forth waiting for tomorrow?

I have witnessed the effects of no-texting as a punishment for a teenage boy. This boy could not get through eating dinner, playing a wii game or a having a normal conversation without answering/sending a text. When the phone was turned off he was pouting more and talking less. Perhaps it was out of anger, but apparently some people don't realize how rude it is to be carrying on another conversation when you're already in one.

Anyway, I've had my ".02" and I suppose I may look out-of-the-tech-loop, but hey, give me conversation and a cuppa coffee over an "OMG, did UC the QTPI @ the PRT?!" any day.

Thank goodness this commercial has subtitles! Ironically, going with unlimited text sounds like the wrong idea.

Originally Posted 3/25/09 here

Under the Sea!

Posted Sunday, May 24, 2009

With warm weather approaching (or quite here already for some of us!) here is a sampling of EtsyKids' beach inspired goods...

2 super seahorse ponytail holders from CuckooBoo

and a whimsical applique and headband from adorable perryjayne!

Just type in EstyKids beach and find lots more...EtsyKids is ready for fun in the sun!!!

So the Pie isn't Perfect? Cut it into Wedges

Posted Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Saturday Diva's! I'm so happy this is a long weekend for me, I'm working on the largest order I've ever had and I hope to ship it out this weekend! So~today we're talking about Pie's -

Martha Stewart's #8 Rule in business and life.
Back in Martha's catering days she was hired to cater a dinner for Paul Newman and Joan Woodward; which was a major thing for her in those days. She decided to prepare a Moroccan buffet for the event, and the main feature was 8 b'steeya, four from chicken and the others with squab (small foul). So while they were baking Martha made the mistake of leaving the b'steeya unattended and stepping out of the kitchen and when she returned all of the pies were burned on the crust that was closest to the oven wall. She was horrified!!! There was no way she could make more in time and her reputation as a caterer was at stake. So, she took a deep breath and made an assessment. She saw that although the pies were no longer perfect, the vast majority of each was fine and undamaged. So she picked up a knife and cut each pie into wedges, discarded the burnt pieces, arranged them on a platter and sprinkled with spices. Martha served the pies as if nothing were amiss, and the party was a huge success.

The moral: When faced with a challenge, in business or life, evaluate/assess the situation, gather the good things in sight, abandon the bad, clear your mind and move on. Focus on the positive, stay in control and NEVER panic.
...now im hungry....im goin to veg! Smooches!

Friday Finds: EtsyKids Pacific Northwest region

Posted Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Friday Finds are based on one of our regions' team tag "EtsyKids Team PNW," which is the Pacific Northwest region (Alaska, Oregon, and Washington).

1. Modern Aqua Striped Multi Color Baby Cozy Toes Slippers/Booties by KuddleBugzThreadz.
2. A Little Touch Of Happy, Hair Clips by DaisyChains.
3. Ella Fantastic by special request - a Bicycle Dress by Avery Lane - Peasant Top or Dress (Limited Edition) by AveryLane.
4. 1970s Retro Toddler Reversible Pinafore by Msliesenfelder.
5. The Pink Sunkist Lovey by Alamodefabric.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

Themeless Thursday

Posted Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today I just wanted to highlight some things that I love, no particular theme - just lovely goodies for you to empty your pockets on!

EtsyKids Design Challenge for May: Vote Now!

Just in case you weren't in the mood for summer yet...here's a little taste of a Beach Vacation for you! This was the theme for May's Design Challenge, and I don't know about you, but now I can't wait to get to the beach! I can almost smell the salty air of the sea just thinking about it. :)

Check out all of the entries below, then click on the link at very bottom of this post to vote. Voting will be open through midnight EST on Wednesday, May 27th.

1. Beach Vacation No Slip Clippie Set

from AllThingsGirly

2. Day at the Beach Hair Clips Bow Clippies Barrettes Non Slip Duo

from love2sparkle

3. New Olivia Twirl Dress Short Sleeve--New Sea Beauties Mermaids- Seahorses- Octopus-Fish- Free matching hair bow--custom 9mos up to size 6

from foofooandmore

4. Summer in Cape Cod Set of 2 Ocean Friends Hair Clippies

from roseyposeybowtique

5. Chloe and Friends

from kachingdesign

6. Crabby Patty Felt Clippy

from Emmaleesboutique

7. Tropical Island - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

from roseprintsonline

8. Beach Time with Zoe Kapooshi Sock Monster

from swiedebie

9. Island Girl

from bumblebellydesigns

10. Childhood At The Beach Memory Board

from kayskrafts

11. beach comber - the patchy dress

from sunnybrookfarmdesign

12. Eco Friendly Sundress with Double yellow and pink Gerber Daisy Removable Pin-Size 5- 6

from KuttinUp

13. A Day at the Beach

from HELICOPTERstudios

14. The Jane Peasant Dress- White eyelet with navy sleeves and red and blue ribbon accents

from mysweetchickadee

15. Lightning McQueen Summer 2009 Boys Boutique Custom Set

from Thumbora

16. CSL Boutique Bohemian Set Choose Your Size

from CandyStickLane

17. Raspberry n' Lime Toddler Swimsuit-Surfer Style Sun Protection

from sewnecessary

18. Groovy Turquoise Wooden Sailboat

from willowbaus

19. Happy Crab tee shirt for little boys

from jencdesigns

20. Hang Ten Boys Surfer Shorts and Top Set

from ChewChewsCloset

21. White sunbonnet with yellow gerber daisy

from kidinthehat

22. Handprint Sun Kid Kit

from AndThen

23. Size 3 outfit - pillowcase style top and cropped pants - The Summer Collection

from SassySweeties

24. OOAK Size 2 Sailboat Dress or Bathing Suit Cover

from Missys

25. Ella the Enchanted Mermaid - Applique Shirt or Onesie-Choose your mermaids hair color

from perryjayne

26. Beach Baby 3 piece Gift Set

from thenook

27. Popsicle Cupcake Toppers - Set of 12

from lilbooandco


from babycheeks

29. Custom Personalized Towel...Beach Vacation...Pool Party...Bath Time....Perfect for Girls and Boys

from LittleBitShabby

30. A WHALE OF A TALE.. Whale Onesie - U Pick Size

from lilsoutherngirl

31. Made on Maui designer print Ankle Biter Lounge Pants 12 months to 4T Cocoa n Blue

from tikitales

32. Flip Flop Korker Barrette

from rosiescozies

33. Sea and Sand Korker Bow

from tiptopsdesigns

34. SewSoNancy Boutique Pageant Nautical Sailor Applique Skirt Halter Purse 2-8

from SewSoNancy

35. Happy Honu (Sea Turtles) and Circles Modern Baby Quilt

from jgdesigns

36. Girl's Pillowcase Dress / Top

from nanabrowns

37. Don't Be Crabby - Personalized Little Crab Tee or Onesie for Her

from MonogramMania

39. Juliet Baby Sunhat

from BurryBabies

40. NEW ... Under the Sea Pillowcase Dress ... by Avery Lane ... PBK Pink Chambray

from AveryLane

41. SANDBOX Boutique Custom 3pc HULA GIRL Twirl Skirt Set

from btrflyshan

42. Summer Loving -ruffle diaper covers

from RaeGun

43. Fairycakes Boutique Malibu Monkey Set 2t to 7 Custom

from MamiGirlBoutique



45. Personalized Embroidered SUPER SOFT Receiving Blanket

from MonogrammingByTammy

Click Here to Vote!
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