Apologies and Funny

Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I wanted to apologize for not posting last week. I have been soo busy with my family and etsy lately I dont seem to get a chance to breath except when I am asleep. LOL.

Proof of that is last week my four year old decided to entertain himself but boy did I have a mess to clean up. It was hilarious and I am posting photos of him, but this is one of my down falls of working at home, I get soo engulfed in what I am working on I forget to pay attention to my child. LOL. Nothing bad has happened so that is good, but still it worries me right now especially with another one on the way.

So here is what happened my four year old decided he wanted to help me out with house work, he wanted to wash the sink out for me after I washed the dishes, I thought good he wants to help out, so I let him. When I left him to it, he was rinsing the sink out with water and a scrub brush and that was it, after a while I hear a small little chuckle coming from the kitchen and this is what I found.

He was soo proud of all the bubbles he made, now mind you that sink ful is of only bubbles, there isnt a drop of water left in there, when I undressed him there was sooo much soap in his clothing, that when I washed them to get the soap out I didnt even have to include and laundry soap, they came ready to wash. LOL.

So, as you can see my son has kept me pretty busy lately, etsy orders have kept me fairly busy also, not complaining here, just making a realization, being a work at home mom is very busy work. LOL. So all of you out there that are parents and working from home, I hope your children are as entertaining as mine and keeps you as involved as mine does his best to do. LOL.

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Lil Boo & Co. said...

That is hilarious! I totally understand the feeling though...sometimes working from home is a little harder b/c it's difficult to separate "work" time from "family" time!!

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