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Posted Thursday, April 30, 2009


An Etsy Kids Team Spotlight- Love 2 Sparkle Boutique

Posted Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I recently purchased from Love 2 Sparkle Boutique two Going to the Zoo Hair Clips Set Clippies Bow Clips Non Slip. They are so wonderful. In my six non slip hair clips we have a monkey, bear, giraffe, lion, zebra, and pink elephant. They clippies are hand sewn with unbelievable detail. The zebra mane is made of not one straight black ribbon, but about 15 small pieces of ribbon hand sewn on to the zebra’s neck. So much work went into these hair clips.

I am so happy with my purchase from Love 2 Sparkle Boutique!
We gave these to my daughter for her 5th birthday and she fell in love with them. Throughout the day she wore all of them at one point or another. I can’t say enough great things: great communication, very fast shipping, wonderful prices, and such amazing detail and work was put into my daughters hair clips.

Not to mention I love to support shops in my area she lives rather close to me in Springfield, MA so she is also an Etsy Kids Team New England Member.

EtsyKids Design Challenge for April: and the winner is....

Posted Tuesday, April 28, 2009

31. SPRING FLING Baby Dots Flower Dress from thenook

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for lots more adorable baby clothes!

Thanks to all of the other EtsyKids members who entered the April Design Challenge! It was great to see such a colorful array of items, don't you agree?

SAHM is a Four Letter Word

Posted Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay, so it's really a four letter acronym, but whatever, I've got enough going on and I can't be bothered with the petty details.

You know, boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Until someone has the genius idea that maybe "we should have a baby." We delude ourselves to think we'll be the best parents ever and we won't "raise our kids like that." Of course, we're usually eyeing the frazzled mom of 4 who's two year old is throwing an all out kicking and screaming meltdown, while she holds onto her 4 year old and scolds him for hitting his 6 year old brother, and OMG, what did the baby just put in her mouth?! I don't think that was edible.

It's easy when you have one, though, you don't realize it until you have two and by then, it's too late to realize how good you really had it. Damn hindsight. Once you have two, that's double the daycare and you begin to realize that it really isn't worth going to a job you hate only to squander most of your paycheck to keep your kids at someone else's house while you pretend to give a rats ass about those TPS reports. And so, you decide to *gasp* become a stay-at-home-mom. Ugh. Those four words could not have more vomit inducing meaning for me. I think God may have forgotten to give me a maternal instinct and went a little overboard with honesty and snarkiness.

So yes, I am a {gulp} stay-at-home-mom, technically speaking anyway. And it's by far the hardest worst paying job I've ever had. That includes the time I worked concessions at the local movie theatre for $6.50/hr so that people could complain about candy prices and insist I give them a coronary by adding a gallon of extra butter to their popcorn.

Whoever tried to depict the stay-at-home-mom as some couch sitting, soap opera watching, bon-bon eating laze has clearly never done it. And I wish more than anything they'd been right because I feel a little misled. :oP

Originally posted 2/11/09 here

Sunday Sunday

EtsyKids has some of the cutest hair accessories EVER! Proud mama to a little one myself, NEVER have I seen in a store the quality and character of these wonderful EtsyKids finds! Cheers to EtsyKids!!

...just a small sampling of many wonderful finds...

Find these adorable ponytail holders at baublesnbows well as many cute hair accessories here at jackand jayne:

...check out EtsyKids where you'll find many many more wonderfully cute items for the little ones in your life!


Posted Saturday, April 25, 2009

As I scurry around here today on this beautiful sunny Saturday - going from the computer to the sewing machine to the cutting table to the closets I'm cleaning out - you get the picture... I wonder how many other women/moms there' are running around doing similar activities?

I began reading the book 'living organized' by Sandra Felton, a couple of months ago and the book is truly eye opening. After reading it I realized that I really DON'T have to do every thing. Even small children can do simple things like take a rag and wipe the TV screen or baseboards and my boys LOVE to use those disposable toilet brush thingys and clean the toilet b/c after they get to 'pop' the heads off into the trash - so every Saturday they each get one toilet to clean.

I am, by nature a 'Messie' as opposed to a 'Cleany'. Messies tend to pile things up and deal with them later to postpone being uncomfortable in the present, where as Cleanies deal with things as they come so they are not uncomfortable later.

In the chapter on 'Making Changes' Sandra, offers a set of questions for you to ask yourself just to get your brain to thinking in a new direction, and I'd love to share those with you now - so grab a pen and pad and lets make some changes! :)

1. Describe your thoughts and feelings about the amount of work you do, especially in relation to the amount of work done by others in the family. Is it well balanced?

2. List the names of people in your household. Beside each name list one job you could transfer to them (after proper training - of course)

3. Are there any changes you can make in your life, such as establishing a car pool or dropping an activity?

4. If you hesitate to share activities with others or to simplify, what is the reason you think might contribute to that hesitation? Are you willing to question whether it is a wise reason to keep? Are you willing to abandon it?

5. If someone asks you to help them and you feel it is an imposition you should not participate in, will you be willing to say no when you would previously have said yes? Can you think of an example that might arise?

I hope this helps some of you Fab Divas :D We only have one life - and we don't need to spend 90% of it doing the grunt work - LOL! Enjoy this beautiful Day!

Friday Finds for Earth Day week

Posted Friday, April 24, 2009

We celebrate Earth Day everyday by creating organic, eco-friendly, and recycled items for kids. Since this list is long, I thought I would just give you some examples of what EtsyKids members specialize in. I hope these finds encourage you to shop green in honor of celebrating Earth Day this week!

1. Lil Scribblers (TM) - Redesigned Crayons - Featured Item in Etsy Treasury by lil boo & co.
4. Organic Modern Leaf Bib and Burp Set by Coco + Milkweed.

Shoe Fetish

Posted Thursday, April 23, 2009

EtsyKids Design Challenge for April: Vote Now!

Posted Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow, look at all these fantastic colors!! April's Design Challenge theme was "Rainbow of Colors", and boy do we ever have a rainbow of colors here! Check out all of the entries below, then click on the link at very bottom of this post to vote. Voting will be open through midnight EST on Monday, April 27th.

1. Wizard of OZ-Doorknob or Bedpost Hanging Tooth Fairy Pillow

from wigglytoothfactory

2. New DoLLAR BUSTERss- EURO-Boutique SwinG Dress/Top PLAYFULL ANIMALS PANTS SET Girls Sizes 3,6,12,18months and 2T, 3T,4,5,6,7 and 8

from rozzissweetpeas

3. his and hers set of six ribbon wands - party favors in a rainbow of colors

from zuzugirl

4. wearing rainbows - Sweet Spring / Summer Jacket / Light Weight / Cozy Jacket / 6-9 Months

from myminimocs

5. The Pink Spring Onsie or t-shirt - 0-18 months - spring - girls

from barretzz

6. Luxury Wool Baby Hat for Boys or Girls

from BurryBabies

7. Soft Baby Toy Jumble Ball Set - A Rainbow of Playful Elephants

from woodponddesigns



9. Set of Four (2 pairs) - Braided Ribbon Barrettes

from retro80s

10. 2T outfit - Tutti Frutti Collection

from SassySweeties

11. Snow White

from jillsfabricdesigns

12. Layla Legs

from outoftheboxx

13. RAIN DROP UMBRELLAS........................ BUTTON.CLIPPIES

from CuckooBoo

14. BABY DAISY Sun Hat and matching Gladiator Sandals

from crochele

15. Burp Cloth Bundle of Four - PRIMARY COLORS set of red, yellow and blue

from tinystitches

16. Fairy and Bitty Blooms Tags

from chichiboulie

17. Set of Rainbow Brite Clippies - No Slip

from AllThingsGirly

18. Handmade Bright Rainbow Stripes Afghan Blanket for Baby or Toddler

from CynsationalTreasure

19. Cotton Beanie Newsboy - white with rainbow stripes

from madhelmeteer

20. Xtra Large GORGEOUS Carnival Bloom HandBag

from pishposhcreations

21. Retro Cool Fluffy Feather Footstool

from lbrochstein

22. Rainbow - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

from roseprintsonline

23. 12 inch Hanging Wall Letter or Initial (hand painted . wooden . Whackadoo font . custom)

from bobsandbits

24. COLOR CABOODLE (TM) Crayon Roll - Rainbow So Bright

from lilbooandco

25. NEW Crochet Butterfly Magnet for Calendar Decor Fridge

from amotherscrochet

26. Wonderland Patchwork Dress

from littleray

27. Stacked Colorful Boutique Hair bow VERY COLORFUL pigtail set

from bbsbowtique

28. CSL Boutique Jamaican Market Shirred Dress Custom Size

from CandyStickLane

29. Love Joy Hope canvas paintings set of 3

from jencdesigns

30. BE BOLDer - Baby or Toddler Neck Car Seat Support Pillow

from GoldtoneDesigns

31. SPRING FLING Baby Dots Flower Dress

from thenook

32. Rainbow Of Colors Headband Bow Clip Set

from LittleBitShabby

33. Rainbow Perch Tee

from planetpudge

34. Market Twirly Skirt--Custom Sizes 6M - 7Y

from spicedsugar

35. Spring Bonnet

from oncottageway

36. Fairycakes Custom Boutique Fresh 2t to 7 Dress, Top, Capri

from MamiGirlBoutique

37. My Skirt says I am Exciting Skirt 4 5 6 OOAK w/ matching headband

from babypop

38. Madaleine shift dress - rainbows

from emuenfant

39. Garden Caterpillar Kid Kit

from AndThen

40. Summer 2009 Little Deer Tunic in Size 5

from msliesenfelder

41. Birthday Girl Set

from daisycreek

Click Here to vote!
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