EtsyKids Design Challenge: We have a Winner!

Posted Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Green Goat's little dress (entry No. 2) is the winner of this month's challenge! Congratulations!

Green Goat is an Etsy store that displays a fantastic collection of animal and nature inspired illustrations, all hand printed by talented Mary Cobb on organic cotton shirts and dresses. Mary is a loving mommy of two by day and talented artist, and screen printer by night. Her work shows her love for natural, simple things, and images of yesterday. Please make sure to visit her lovely store.


Posted Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There is something about a trick-or-treat bag isn't there? My kids, certainly have their favorites that are used year after year. The sweet little quilted buckets grandma made for them as toddlers were quickly out grown, and they graduated to larger buckets.

You see, in our neighborhood highly populated by young families with kids, the perfect trick-or-treat bag is as essential as shoes. Comfortable reinforced handles, good depth but not too much so it drags on the ground, and needs to hold lots and lots of candy because you'll explore every inch of the neighborhood 'till the neighbors all run out!

EtsyKids team members are a great resource for unique handmade trick-or-treat bags. Just look at this whimsical collection ... they'd even work as gift bags and would be perfect for BOOing your neighbors.

The Kindergarten 15

Posted Monday, September 27, 2010

It's hard to say "no" to a face like that.

This is the year I finally have a kindergartner. She's almost as excited about it as I am. Almost. I'm pretty darned exited about it. Especially since her younger sister started preschool and I have 4 whole hours to myself each week! I know the mind boggles with what to do with all that "free time."

There have been a few hiccups with the new routines; the bus drops Peri off at 11:25 and Ryah's preschool is over at 11:30, so I've had to find work arounds for being in two places at once. Fortunately, I have great friends that help me out. But for the most part, things have been running smoothly and we've all adjusted. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone message the other day, from Peri's kindergarten teacher...

"Hi Holly, this is Amber X, Peri's teacher, and I just wanted you to know that Peri has been eating breakfast in the cafeteria in the mornings. I only just found out today and when I talked to her about it, she said it was her second breakfast and she was able to tell me what she'd already eaten at home. I thought "Oh no" and I'd better check with you about that. Sorry I didn't catch it sooner, but she's been charging her breakfasts. I'll send her account balance home with her next week."

I didn't know whether to laugh or groan. I mean, it's pretty funny that a 5-year-old can just walk in there, get breakfast and have it added to her non existent account. But I was also a little annoyed that I was footing the bill for such an obvious oversight on the school's part. After I called her teacher back, to let her know that Peri should not be eating at school and that I would pay the balance next week, I was baffled as to how that could even happen. I remember as a kid that you either had to pay cash for your school food or have a prepaid card from your parents, there was no "tab."

So, for the last two weeks, Peri has been running up a cafeteria bill, unbeknownst to me and her teachers. I know she did it because it was there and she saw other kids eating and thought it was okay. But I wonder how long it would have gone on? Maybe until her next well check up visit, when the nurse would inform me that Peri had managed to gain 15 lbs since her last visit and that it's a little excessive. Or those brand new school clothes start fitting a lot snugger than they should.

In any case, there is now such a thing as the Kindergarten 15 and you heard it here first. This will be one of those things I tease her about in the future and we'll just laugh it off, but for now, I have to go pay the bill. Then again, today is her birthday (Happy 6th Birthday Periwinkle!); perhaps we'll just write it off as a gift and not add it to her tab. :oP

Originally written for The Mama Dramalogues

I'm reading a new book

Posted Saturday, September 25, 2010

Since I've stalked Kimora Lee Simmons and read everything she's written...I thought I'd start on Russell now! LOL! Actually, I've been wanting to read this book forever! And I have to share 'nuggets' - you now how I do it! So here we go.... short and sweet!

Law Number One: See your vision and stick with it: Degrees are helpful, but they won't guarantee you success in the business world. Only faith and dedication to your vision can do that! *I dream my painting and paint my dream* Vincent Van Gogh

Have a great weekend! OX

EtsyKids Design Challenge: It's time to VOTE!

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's time to vote for your favorite item! Voting will be open through midnight EST on Monday, September 27th. This month, EtsyKids members were challenged to create an exciting new item based on a theme "Orange Spice". We received a lot of fantastic entries from some talented designers and crafters. Each participant was assigned a unique random number. Please note your favorite from the list below and place your vote. You can also view each entry in detail by clicking on links provided at the bottom of this post or HERE.

(If you can't view the voting poll above, please follow HERE to vote.)

1. felted high top baby shoes - pumpkin - size 1, 0-3 months by thecleverkitty
2. Reserved listing for Ellenor by greengoat
3. Plush Stuffed Duck Recycled Boiled apricot cashmere Fuzzy Duck by rosirouge
4. Dachshund puppy - crochet doggie in the colour of your choice (made to order) by KuDum
5. Autumn Fox - Wool Felt Finger Puppet by stayawake
6. Drawstring Unbleached Cotton Crawler Pants with Orange Reinforced Knee Patch by jessierivers
7. Overall in Orange Stripes - INFANT SIZE 6-12 MONTHS - READY TO SHIP by OverallBaby
8. A Set of Crochet Earflap Hat and Knitted Wrist Warmers by ilutegijaDesigns
9. CSL Real Neck Ties for Little Boys in Groove by CandyStickLane
10. Fall Harvest Posh Tutu Perfect for Thanksgiving by dara43
11. Halloween Pumpkin Witch Girls Bubble Skirt - reversible denim - Toddler 2-3 years by angeluci
12. Pumpkin Patch - creeper or t-shirt by roseprintsonline
13. Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Ribbon Tag Blankie Blanket Lovie Lovey Baby Gift by LifeInTheSassLane
14. Mommas Lil Pumpkin Hat Orange by ohbabydotcom
15. Little Miss Frilly PUMPKIN crochet hat perfect for HALLOWEEN or THANKSGIVING by littlemissfrilly
17. Butterflies Boutique Custom Handpainted Jeans Blouse Girls 2-8 by paintedbutterfly
18. ToadStool Back Pack- Burnt Orange Fairyland Dreams by TheSewingLoft
19. Retro Pillowcase Dress by reachmichellee
20. Halloween Trick or Treat Bag ready to ship by monkeytreecreations
21. Custom Boutique Halloween Orange Dotty Trick or Treat basket by ladesigns2
22. Black Jack O'Lantern Turtleneck Bodysuit 12 mos by windylou
23. Pumpkin Baby Sweater in Soft Merino Wool by BurryBabies
24. Maria the fox baby bib by PinkNounou
25. Beautiful A-line Top with Coordinating Capri or Pant Set by MomFriday
26. Raggy Pumpkin Applique Shirt or Onesie - Embroidered Personalized Custom Monogrammed by EmbroideryByCindy
27. Song Bird Autumn Apron Knot Dress 3 4 year 3T by AveryLane
28. Puffy Thanksgiving Fall Pumpkin Hair Clippie by mormishmom
31. Minky baby or toddler blanket and 2 burp cloths. towels, fall rainbow gift set by yourloveyboutique
32. Orange Glow Flower Fairy Princess Skirt and Crown by FairyGodmother4Hire
33. ETSYKIDS ORANGE SPICE CHALLENGE. JUMPER WITH MATCHING JACKET. Reserved Listing for Kipper808. by auntyanndesigns
34. Trick or Treat Pillowcase Dress - Custom sizes 0-12, 12-24, 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t, 6, 7, 8 NEW DESIGN by thepolkadottotspot
35. SPOOK TIE Halloween T-shirt or Onesie by thenook
36. Yellow and Orange Pompom Hat by littlechickknits
37. Bebe Paper Doll 9 - Autumn Wicca by rockpapertekla
39. Colorful poncho hand-crocheted for baby with FREE SHIPPING by IrishHooksAndYarn
40. Little Boys, Vest and Reversible Pleated Pull on Pant, 12-18 months, Oh Boy Transportation by CottontailKids
41. Amber Sun- Regal Play Ball- Medium Size by RegalCottage
42. Girls Blouse - Orange floral long sleeve tunic custom handmade by littlestarclothing
43. Orange Blossom Reversible Classic Apron - Kids Size - SALE by luckyduckydesigns
44. OOAK Child Baby Autumn Fall Leaves Hat Acorn DESIGNER Hand Knit Oak Leaf Cap by FiddlestyxStudios
45. The Esmerealda Two Tone Twirly Skirt by Bellesmademoiselles
46. Flames Bib/Burp Cloth Set by LilBitSassy
47. Tawit Tawoo - Children's belt by belties
48. Patchwork Lovey ..... Fall Breeze by SquishyBee
49. Orange Pencil/Marker/Pen/Crayon Cup with Chalkboard Label by PreschoolDoll
50. Geometric Retro Pattern Baby Changing Pad by LulabellesGifts
51. Leaf Suncatcher Kid Kit by SmartBottomKids
52. Fall pumpkin onesie or t-shirt by hounddogdesigns
53. AUTUMN LEAVES and ACORNS Moda PUMPKIN SPICE by Deb Strain Orange Brown FALL Boutique Custom Pillowcase Dress by lilsweetieboutique
54. Infant Sleep Sack - 100 Percent Organic Wool Filler - Just Peachy Damask by WoollyBoo
55. Pumpkin Felt Hair Clip by cortsthings
56. Halloween and Fall Pumpkin Patch Applique Custom Onesie or T Shirt with Name by TheRoyalDetails

Date Night

Posted Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah, the perfect setting, sometimes you wait weeks for this night, but in the end, it's all worth it to spend some quality one on one time with your sweetheart. No, not that sweetheart. I'm talking about date night with your kids. Wait, what? Isn't the point to spend time with your hubby without the kids? Well, yes, you should go on dates with the hubs, he kinda likes spending time with you too, but if you have kids (especially more than one), it's nice to go out on dates with them individually as well.

We've started a new tradition in our house and every other Friday, Jim and I each go out on a date with one of our girls. Then the next time, we switch. Now that the girls are old enough, we thought it would be a fun way for them to get to spend some one on one time with us.

Our first night out, Jim took Peri and I had Ryah. We went to different restaurants for dinner then different stores so that each of the girls could pick out a gift for her sister. Peri chose some new jammies for Ryah and Ryah picked out a princess frog shirt for Peri. The girls had a blast and it was nice getting to spend some alone time together.

This past weekend was round two. I had Peri this time around. We had a lovely dinner at Panera Bread then off to Barnes and Noble where she picked out a new book about the Tooth Fairy. Food and books, two of Peri's favorite things. I could have spent more time at the bookstore, but when your child starts complaining to wandering sales people that it's time to go, it's time to go. She had fun though and loves her new book.

The kids are so different in what interests them, so it's going to be fun coming up with different things to do. Peris' dates will likely be creative with crafts, books, movies and going to the theatre while Ryah is more active and will enjoy things like skating, parks and sports. It'll be nice to change things up for myself too and I know Jim's having fun as well. Having it regularly scheduled is great too because we all know it's coming and we look forward to it.

We're redefining date night in our house and having fun with the possibilities. Not to mention, we don't even need to find a sitter. :o)

Originally written for The Mama Dramalogues

Shop Spotlight ~ 1crown3tiaras

Posted Sunday, September 19, 2010

An inspiration in fabrics and craftsmanship, the beautiful clothes

made by 1 Crown 3 Tiaras are definite eye candy! In sizes from

six months to 5T, you are sure to find that something special for fall in

this amazing shop!

EtsyKids Design Challenge for September: Orange Spice

Posted Monday, September 13, 2010

Each month EtsyKids Team members are challenged to create a unique item within a chosen theme. "Orange Spice" is our challenge for September, picked by our last month's winner georgiablue. Shades of copper, auburn, peach, ginger, terracotta, amber. Orange is found in nature in the changing leaves of fall, the setting sun, pumpkins and the skin of a citrus fruit.

EtsyKids members will have until September 19th to submit their entries, and voting will be open to everybody from Tuesday, September 21st to Monday, September 27th. So, be sure to come back to the EtsyKids blog for a new post on the 21st to see all of the entries and VOTE! In the meantime, please click here to get a sneak peek at some exciting entries so far!

Creative Weekend Inspiration

Posted Sunday, September 05, 2010

With two toddlers in tow and a business to run, I have to say I do not get to read much. It's not that I don't enjoy reading, I love it. I just haven't figured out how to double the hours in a day. Not yet :) There was a point when things changed in our economy that I thought I would need to return to teaching. Yup, I was a teacher, and a juvenile probation officer before that! I was asked during an interview what books I had read lately. Seriously? Books? Well, one not to tell a lie, I had to admit that the only book I had even remotely read in the past year was "What to Expect in the First Year" and I hadn't even read all of that - just the dog eared pages of my emergency grabs when I remembered I even had the book and that it might help in whatever infant/toddler emergency I was then facing. Uh, some of the pages are quite worn. We all got a good laugh in that interview and it was smooth sailing the rest of the hour I spent there, honesty works! And as enjoyable an interview that was with that kind of icebreaker, I did not take the job and was able to stay home with my babies after all, hallelujah and thanks honey! All of this to say that I do come across a good read once in awhile, despite our hectic schedule, and running a children's catering company lends itself to these types of finds:

I thought you might enjoy it as much as I do ~ I have not yet made a cake pop but this video will show you how it's done and I can't wait to get my hands on the book!

Bakerella's Cake Pop How-To

I was not paid to make this announcement. I wouldn't mind getting paid. I didn't mind making the announcement. Have any fun reads for long weekends with kids in mind? Let us know!

Fall is coming and Ive got the Organizing bug again

Posted Saturday, September 04, 2010

Too bad It doesn't stick around long...hee hee! I wanted to share one of the most helpful tutorials I have ever found online. It's a tutorial for fabric folding and it's so simple but will change your life! I not only use this technique with my fabric but also with clothes and boy does it make a difference! AND once you get used to it - you can eye it and won't need the guide anymore YAY! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Holiday Weekend! For the tutorial CLICK HERE!

Little Cheerleader Pom-Pom's - How-To

Posted Thursday, September 02, 2010

Football season will be in full swing this weekend! If your family is one who loves to cheer on the home team, this is the project for you! Perfect for home games, parades, imaginative play, and much more, young and old a like will enjoy getting in the spirit of the event with one or two of these in hand.

These pom-poms are easy to make and eco-friendly, allowing you to re-use everyday items you will likely have on hand ... and if you don't improvisation is always a good thing! The instructions were published in Family Fun magazine last summer and are available here. You might notice that we had to do a little improvisation when making the one pictured. Because of a strict event budget, dowel rods were quickly abandoned, so we turned to a local fast food restaurant who donated a box of extra tall drinking straws. Perfect! Three extra tall drinking straws taped together held the weight of our recycled grocery bags very nicely.
Hummm, maybe I need to take a dozen or so to the kids soccer games?
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