School will be starting here around the corner

Posted Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I personally homeschool my son, but I know I have to encourage him to want to do his work, so I created some back to school crayon roll sets to get him motivated. He is only in Kindergarten so not too much work there. LOL. So I though this week we would do a search on back to school items. Apparently I got started a little early because there wasn't too many, but I did manage to find a few.

Such as these really cute bottle-cap images, they would make some cute little pony tail holders or bows. You could even make them into magnets to hand out for all the kids in the class as a back to school gift.

This is by bbsbowtique.
And I thought these are perfect for back to school, send your daughter to school with an apple in her hair.
By lilibugboutique

And then here is my back to school item.

Hope y'all won't be insulted by my including myself in the blog this week.

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The Gambrel Family said...

I love all of these items! I was thinking of Back to School this week to and created this item:

This would look adorable with those little apple clippies!


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