Posted Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We started our homeschool curriculum early this year. One cause of all the doctor appointments that will get in the way from now on and the three days I will be in the hospital when baby comes.

That and when the curriculum got here Davin couldnt wait to get in there and start learning. So he thought he was ready so lets go go go.
In honor of that I thought I would mark this wonderful occasion for us with a few alphabet items. Something fun and cute and well whimsical if we can find it.
First we found.....
This cute adorable blanket by Kunklebaby. I love the animals and well it has the alphabet on it so had to put it here.

And a fun alphabet soft book by Childrenswoodland

A great and cute chalk mat for on the go fun by LilBDesigns

And there are sooo many more but these were the ones that just stood out for me.

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