Looking for toys for my boy

Posted Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Well I have started my b-day shopping already for my big boy. He will be five at the end of August and the days seem to be flying by already, so I thought I would start my shopping now. I have gotten a few things already but I found a few I want to get but need to make a little more money before I can finish my shopping.
So when I get my money I will have to hunt you all down, lol.

Like I sooo want to get this for him. It is great for us, because we are homeschooling and it would be totally beneficial for him.

By Tootsiebear

I love toys for my boy and I really love it when they are educational too, it is like a two for one in my brain, LOL. What is better than learning while playing?
He would also love these little guys
by Kidnaroundcreations


He loves firemen and police and this would just be sooo much fun for him to play with.

And what little boy wouldnt just love this here wooden tool set.

by Prettydreamer

Now I have to get to work and sell some stuff so I can get these for my little boy. LOL. Have a wonderful day and enjoy creating.

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