Kids in the Kitchen

Posted Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cookin' in the kitchen doesn't always have to be about the food! You can use the kitchen and your common, everyday kitchen ingredients to create some eco-friendly and affordable fun for your little ones!

With many kids home on summer vacation, I know moms everywhere are looking for something to do with their kids - something fun, something new! Well today, I have a great idea for everyone to try out with their own children...

Let's all make some homemade play dough! Oh...and it's waaaaaay better than that stinky 'name brand' stuff - it's softer, smoother and lasts so much longer (and smells yummy too)! This is a great activity to do with or for your little ones.

Here's what you'll need & how to make the dough:
(don't worry...a parent was helping & supervising the whole one was hurt at the stove!)

Sift together & put in a saucepan:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 TB cream of tartar

Add to saucepan:
1-2 TB vegetable oil
1 cup of water (add food coloring to water...just a few drops will do)
A Few Drops of Vanilla Extract - or other flavored extracts

Whisk together until smooth and thick (low-medium heat). The mixture will be a little sticky until it cools. Place the "blob" of dough on wax paper to cool (about 30 minutes). Keep in an airtight container (deli containers work well). The play dough should keep for several weeks if kept in air tight container - ours usually lasts for months!

I usually send my kids out to the deck in the backyard to play freely with their play dough in the lovely summer sun...and no mess for me to clean up inside...besides the flour that's all over my kitchen from my two year old "helping" me make the dough, that is!!

Have Fun!

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