How is it?

Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have you ever noticed that days that you want to clean house end up being busy with other work?
How is this? How does this happen?

I woke up this morning and had the goal of catching up on some much needed house cleaning. Only to get 3 orders in and remember I have a feature I had to fill in on another sit. So I get busy with that, and by the time I am half way done with anything, it is time to cook diner. Now I am soo tired from standing in front of a hot stove and being 7 months pregnant, I do not want to do a thing. Forget work, forget cleaning, I just want a nap.

Of course that isn't possible with a very active four year old jumping from couch to couch. Maybe I should see if I can con him into cleaning some of this house for me. Make him do a few loads of laundry and sweep and mop the floor, ok that is just wishful thinking, it will never happen, or at least he will do it but it will not be to my standards so I still have to go back behind him and clean everything.

Ohh where is my house cleaning fairies, or my fairy god mother? Can't she do chores for me so I can take a nap?

Ohh well maybe I will get it done tomorrow! NOT!


Manuela said...

Uuuhh-if you got some of these fairies and they´ve finished your work - don´t let them go! Send them to me!

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

...and then mine!!!!

Amalou said...

I totally relate to that!

I just let my house cleaning standards drop and don't care anymore. I'd rather spend my precious time creating than cleaning!

Besides, dirt's healthy for kids ;)

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