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Posted Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm always looking for fun snacks that I can serve my two little ones...just something that will hold them over in between meals. I'm sure it's something that all of us moms do from time to time!

When I was a preschool teacher, I had learned to turn food into many different things to fit the classroom theme of the week! Learning about the ocean this week? Well then whip some cream cheese with a few drops of blue food coloring and have the kids dip goldfish crackers in it! Yum. Easy!

Or how about making Aquarium Cups with blue jello?

Make the blue jello as directed, divide it up and pour the jello into clear plastic cups. Just as the jello starts to set (about 1 hour or so), put a Swedish fish in the middle of the jello cup...and poof! You have a instant ocean and all! Click here for Kraft's yummy version of that treat!

Jello...Pudding...Crackers...Veggies...they all make yummy treats for kids! But...the fun part is creating a spectacular treat out of the ordinary, everyday ingredients. And it doesn't have to be hard. Look around your kitchen...what do you have already sitting in your cabinets that will help you create a fun & tasty treat that your kids will love & even brag about?!

In celebration of the summer sun and blasting heat...this week we made Sandy Beach Cups in our house. Take a peek at just how easy they are to make!

All you need is:
Pudding Snack Cups (or make your own instant pudding & put it in clear plastic cups)
Graham Crackers (or if you have a box of crushed graham cracker crumbs on hand, it'll save you a step)
Lifesaver Gummy Rings
Teddy Grahams
Paper Umbrella Picks

All you have to do is crush graham crackers (or use the already crushed ones) and sprinkle them on top of the pudding cups. Allow your kids to 'decorate' their sandy beach cups with Teddy Grahams and Gummy Lifesaver rings (representing the Teddy's lifesaver floaties). Embellish with a paper umbrella pick and you've got yourself...I mean, your kids have a tasty summer themed treat!

And the best part about this snack is...I set up a little assembly line on the table and my children helped to create their own snacks! It was a fun activity that filled the tummy and enlightened their creativity all at the same time!


Recipes were inspired by Kraftfoods Sweet Treats for Kids.

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