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Posted Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today we would like to introduce you to
Etsy shop FeltLikeSweets

FeltLikeSweets has been selling on Etsy since start of 2014, they felt cupcakes and sweet treats for pretend play. Today they are going to give us a little peak behind the scenes of their Etsy shop.

Felt Food: Tea Set -- Felt Blueberry Vanilla Cupcake, Blue Tea Bag, Lemon and Strawberry, children's pretend play, tea set, or giftFelt tea bags -- 5 handmade felt tea bags with beads for children's pretend play, tea set, tea party, tea bags, giftFelt Food: 2 Felt Cookies Hand Stitched Heart Cut Raspberry Linzer -- children's pretend play, tea set, tea party, felt cookies or giftFelt Food: 4 SCENTED Felt Cupcakes -- 4 handmade hand stitched scented felt cupcakes with beads for pretend play, tea set, tea party, gift

What motivated you to start your shop?
I'm C.M. Cameron, father of two little girls, and am inspired by the way my girls learn and play. Chemical Engineer by day, I channel my creative energy into making felt cookies, cupcakes, and tea sets to wind down at night, after the girls are asleep.
It all started a year ago when we bought my older daughter, Charlotte, a children's tea set for Christmas (you know... the cups and plates and spoons). To go along with it, I made her a set of felt cupcakes, cookies, tea bags and strawberries. She LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Her friends LOVED IT SO MUCH!!
So, I started making small sets for Charlotte to give to her playmates for their birthdays, and boy oh boy, did their mommies LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! So, I just kept making more and more and more... and more! And the rest is sweet, sweet history.
Kid tested and Mother (and Grandmother!!) approved, all my offerings are handmade and inspired by those that I made for my girls.

What is the story behind your shop name?
Truth be told, it took me over a month, and lots and lots of scrap paper to come up with my shop name.  I love shop names that include a play on words.  Working with felt, I HAD to use the word in my shop name.  I also played around with the word, 'sew' as a play on 'so', but everything I tried was already taken.  In the end, I stumbled upon, 'FeltLikeSweets' and it stuck.  It seems obvious, now, but took some time for me to find it.

What surprised you most about having your own craft / online shop?
It's funny now, but I worked for over a year to build up some inventory before opening my shop.  I thought that as soon as I opened, people would flood to my shop and I'd sell out of everything.  lol.
I've been quite fortunate to sell several of my felt cupcake and tea sets.  I've met so many great customers, and made so many new friends in this Etsy community. (Needless to say, though, I still have a few things left to sell).

What is your favourite creations from your shop?
I thoroughly enjoy every part of the creative process: walking the isles of the craft store (or surfing the supply pages of Etsy), picking out felt, beads, thread, hand stitching and stuffing, and piecing together a final creation. I take great pride in my products, and enjoy their little imperfections that make them so charming and unique.
Picking just one favorite is so hard, but if forced, I select this one:
It's a replica of the ones that I've made for my girls (yes, I made two, so there's no fighting).

What's your personal philosophy behind your shop / products?
It's very simple... Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
I'm very particular. I expect that of what I buy, and certainly of what I offer.

What do you do when you aren't working?
As I mentioned above, I'm a Chemical Engineer by day.  I work for a global pharmaceutical company supporting the production of childhood and adult vaccines.  It's a job that I thoroughly enjoy.

Anything else you'd like to tell us or share?
My little girls, Charlotte and Alice, are my joys and inspiration.  Please stop by and see their pictures on my About page!!

Felt Food: 4 Felt Cookies Hand Stitched, Iced -- 4 handmade iced cookies with beads for children's pretend play, tea set, tea party or gift3 SCENTED Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Felt Easter Bunnies with Satin Bows - felt food, Easter basket, Chocolate Bunny, children's tea set giftFelt Food: Felt Cupcake Tea Set -- 2 hand stitched felt cupcakes, cookies, and tea bags for children's pretend play, tea set, tea party giftFelt Food: Tea Set -- Felt Strawberry Banana Cupcake, Yellow Tea Bag, Lemon and Strawberry, children's pretend play, tea set, or gift

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