Father's Day Shoe Box Lid Picture Frame Craft

Posted Monday, May 26, 2014

While I was browsing online recently I came across a neat art project using shoe box lids from Artful-Adventures.  That gave me an idea to make a Father's Day picture frame craft out of a shoe box lid.  This is a fun and easy craft that dads will really enjoy because it is personal.  

What you'll need:
A shoe box lid
another piece of thick paper (card stock for example)
hook or sticky wall tape to attach to the wall

Have your child paint the shoe box lid.
While you are letting the paint dry take your child's hands and make a print of each hand on the stock paper with paint.
After both the shoe box lid and the card stock have dried glue the card stock in the middle of the lid. 
You can write a message for dad in the box as well. 
Put the hook or other adhesive material on the back and you can display your art where ever you like!

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