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Posted Friday, June 28, 2013

Hi everyone! It's Erica from eLeMeNO-P Kids! I'm glad to be back for this month's post! Since it's June and we've celebrated the first day of Summer, it's only fitting that we have some fun and look at 25 different activities you can do with your kids over the summer months! Enjoy!

A is for Adventure
Adventures are great for your child to be able to explore their surroundings! Adventures in a kid's eyes can be camping in the backyard, going on a scavenger hunt, or even spending the night at a friend's house. 

B is for Blow Bubbles
Bubbles are fun, magical, and entertaining! What kid doesn't like to run around and pop bubbles? They are easy to do, inexpensive, and are sure to provide hours (or minutes) of entertainment!

C is for Crafts
Crafts, crafts, crafts! Thanks to Pinterest, there are TONS of craft ideas! And many of them you can do with items you have around the house! Think paper plates, coffee grounds, construction paper, glitter, dried noodles...the possibilities are endless!

D is for Decorating Cupcakes
At least once during the summer, take some time and bake cupcakes with your kiddos! It's fun, it's delish, and it's a great way to spend some quality time together! 

E is for Exercise
Don't let those sweet kiddos sit inside all day! No matter how hot it is, they need to keep their little bodies moving and getting exercise. Add some sprinklers, jump ropes, or hula hoops to the mix and they'll forget all about how "hot" it is outside.

F is for Flying Kites
Flying a kite is the perfect thing to do on a windy day! if you're family is going on a summer vacation to the beach, make sure to pack a kite for the kids. If you don't have a kite handy, let your children make a kite out of paper, streamers, string, and crayons. They'll love running around outside letting their kites fly behind them.

G is for Garden
Gardening is a great way to get those kiddos outside and in touch with nature. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Maybe just a potted flower or some herbs, or they could even be in charge of taking care of the garden (pulling weeds, making sure to water daily). Gardening opens up a new world for children as they are learning how food is grown, watching flowers bloom, or even discovering earthworms beneath the soil. 

H is for Hiking
Take a Hike! What a great way to spend some time with your kids, all while enjoying nature. There are many different areas where you and your kids can take a short morning or afternoon hike. Next to the lake, through the woods, on the trail at a local park. Pack a light lunch or some snacks and you can even stop to picnic!

I is for Ice Cream
What is Summer without ice cream? Seriously? Eat a cone (or many!) of ice cream this summer! It's the perfect treat to cool off and it's super delicious! Invite the neighborhood kids over and have an ice cream party! And if you feel really crazy, you can even buy a cone off of the ol' ice cream truck!

J is for Jump Rope
Jumping rope is an old time favorite among children. Grab a jump rope from the Target dollar spot or the dollar store and you're good to go! Jumping rope is an activity that can be done alone or with a group of friends. It's a great way to get your kids' heart rates up, all while they master hand/eye coordination and learn to double-dutch!

K is for Kickball
Kickball is a sport that is losing it's appeal. Most kids are into soccer, baseball, or T-ball. Let's get kickball into their summers! Get the neighborhood kids together, find a local park, and play a classic game of kickball! 

L is for Lemonade Stand
Lemonade stands are great for summer! Let your child do the entire thing. Make their signs, decide how much to charge, and make the lemonade. No one can resist an ice cold cup of lemonade on a summer day! And what a good way to make a little entrepreneur out of your little ones!

M is for Movie Day
There's nothing better than just relaxing and watching movies all day, especially if you have a busy summer. Take the kids to the local Redbox or Blockbuster and let them pick out a few movies. You could even use some of your own movies that you haven't seen in a while. Bonus to Popcorn and Movie Day: PAJAMAS!

N is for Nighttime
We all know how kids don't like to go to bed at night (at least mine doesn't. He's NEVER tired). So, why not let the kids stay up later during the summer? Have a midnight snack outside, or let your child go lay on a blanket under the stars and explore the night sky.

O is for Origami
Origami is perfect for all ages. It's a sure way to keep those little or big ones entertained for a few hours. The bookstores sell Origami books that come with instructions and paper. This is a great indoor activity for a rainy summer day. 

P is for Pen Pal
Having a pen pal is so much fun! Think of a friend who lives in another place with children that your child can write letters too! Kids love getting mail and finding a pen pal is a great way to practice those writing skills and learning the art of sending good old fashioned mail. 

Q is for Quack
Feeding the ducks is a great summer activity. Did you know ducks take summer vacations too after all of their flying to stay away from winter? Spend some time at a local pond or lake and bring a fresh bag of bread, and you're sure to please your little ones and the ducks.

R is for Read
It's extremely important that kids are kept reading during the summer months. Research shows that a child between grades 1-6 can lose up to 1.5 years worth of reading development between May and September. Kids need to be reading at least 30 minutes a day during the summer. Find a library book club that would be a good incentive to keep your kids reading. It doesn't have to be books. You can tell them to find words in magazines, read the classified in the newspaper, or search for topics on the internet. Make it fun, make it exciting, and make it worthwhile. (The Reading Specialist in me will thank you!)

is for Sidewalk Chalk
There is no denying how much fun sidewalk chalk is. Kids can create artwork, practice writing, or even draw hopscotch or tic-tac-toe boards on the concrete. Sidewalk chalk is a fun way to increase those artistic skills, all while being outside!

T is for Tent
Whether it's a tent pitched in the backyard, or a tent made from blankets inside your house, kids will find them intriguing! Let your kids spend the night outside in their tent (with adult supervision, of course!) or camp out in the living room. Tents are fun, and open up a whole new world of imagination play.

U is for Underwater
Make sure at some point during the summer you hit the pool. Swimming is a life skill, and the more a child is in the water, the more they'll get used to it. So, put those faces deep under the water, and let's have a "holding our breath" contest!

V is for Volunteer
Volunteering is an important thing to introduce to any child, no matter the age. There are many places you could bring your child to volunteer during the summer. Think local pantry, animal shelter, or just picking up trash at the park. Volunteering teaches your child to think about others, and shows them the important of using their own skills to help others in need.

W is for Water Play
Sprinklers are a classically fun summer activity. Back in my day, sprinklers only came in 2 ways. The big showers that slowly moved back and forth across the lawn, or the intense ones that shot water at you at the speed of light. Now, sprinklers come in many different shapes, sizes, and speeds! Grab a few sprinklers, put them in your backyard, and you're sure to be a hit in the family. And the grass will thank you for the cool, refreshing water too :)

X is for eXamine
This summer, let your child explore and examine the nature all around them. An ant looks really cool under a magnifying glass. Let them play with earthworms, or catch butterflies. Whatever it is, examining nature is a fun way to keep kids entertained outdoors. They could even keep a nature journal to record all of the cool things they examine while outdoors!

Y is for Yummy
There are many fun and yummy treats you can prepare with your kids over the summer. Ice cold watermelon, 100 flavors of ice cream, summer veggies in a pasta salad...the list goes on and on. Invite your children to cook with you, and to eat all kinds of yummy things this summer.

Z is for Zoo
The zoo is a great summer family outing. Try to see how many zoos you can go to in nearby cities. Children love animals, and exploring the animals at the zoo will get you and the kids out of the house before you start feeling like you're in a zoo!

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