The turkey's in the oven...

Posted Sunday, November 15, 2009

My mother is a really great cook. Really good. I did not inherit this talent. Oh I've tried, I've really tried. Yet all who've been near agree: I did not inherit this talent. Nonetheless, each year I have grandiose visions of a turkey in the oven while my children are at play, and a family get together like none other. And each year as Thanksgiving approaches, I look around, at my children at play! and think this may not be the year. You know, the year TO LEARN HOW TO COOK ON A MAJOR HOLIDAY! :0 Yes, we've decided to give it another year, to keep practicing with smaller fare, and to cherish the family get together sans my homemade food. We're all be the better for it! HOWEVER, one thing I'm really good at is shopping. Yes, I realize that is surprising but I am really rather good at shopping. And I love to decorate! So, in honor of the turkey I will NOT cook this year, here are a few of my favorite EtsyKids Thanksgiving finds :)

Pilgrim Girl Appliqued Shirt by His Kids

by Lili Bug Boutique

Thanksgiving tee by the Nook

Happy Thanksgiving! And may all your Thanksgiving meal preparations be bright :)

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