My Christmas List

Posted Sunday, November 22, 2009

Every year my mother-in-law asks us the same's a list she wants, the kind of list you dream of making when you're little, a list! For Christmas that is, not one single thing but a list. A let her know what you want kind of thing. Each year she asks, and each year I am too (insert adjective here) to give her one although we all know full well that everyone has a list, a mental list at least of the things they'd love to have.

I've seen Christmas buying go overboard and heaven knows I don't want to be in debt for having bought a ton of Christmas presents. Christmas is a lot more than that, and that is what we teach our little ones. But this year is different. Oh my is this year different. How you ask? It is different for I finally supplied an item. A single item I dream of having, although it was not a list. Oh I have a mental list, I just cannot bring myself to ask anyone for these things because that is not what Christmas is about and after all, I'm too (insert same adjective here) to do so. But this year is different....

Umbrellas. Beautiful, keep your dry, "look at her, I wish I had a big umbrella like that!" kind of umbrella. "And look, even her kids are dry!" kind. The kind that makes people say "WOW! she's carrying all those packages into the post office as well as two toddlers in tow and not one stinkin' drop of rain shall touch them at all" kind of umbrella. The kind that make people wish they had one equal to the splendor of hers kind of umbrella because everyone knows that after all these years, she finally owns an umbrella that won't turn itself inside out at the very first minimal gust of wind type of umbrella, the kind that says she's got class - that kind of umbrella. You know, the one that says she really looks like she's got it together kind of umbrella even though anyone who knows her knows quite well that beneath those grand, beautiful umbrella arms she is completely and utterly falling apart. That one.

...wishing you dry days as you hustle and bustle about, or at least keeping you dry because you have that kind of umbrella day ~ enjoy your week!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need one of those huge beach umbrellas! Lol.


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