Santa's Sleigh Ride Team Holiday Sale

Posted Sunday, November 01, 2009

This holiday season, join the Etsykids Team for a ride in Santa's Sleigh! Starting November 1st through Christmas Eve, participating shops will be sharing the holiday cheer with a shop sale of their choice. Santa will be traveling to each shop to take advantage of these great savings and you can come along and perhaps snag a deal of your own! To help Santa, and so he doesn't get lost, we'll be tracking his journey with a new blog post at each regional stop and highlighting the stores he's visiting.

This week, he's starting his journey in Canada. And those Canucks know how to craft. See for yourself...

Each of my one-of-a-kind hair accessories and finger puppets is 100% handmade. That means hand-cut (no craft punches or die cutters), hand-stitched (no glue), and designed by me.

I'm offering 1 free hair clip (5.00 value) with the purchase of any three clips Let's Shop!

Simple and stylish designs for everyday living.

I'm offering Buy 1 item take 10% off your order, buy 2 items take 15%, buy 3 or more and take 20% off your order (prior to shipping) Let's Shop!

Here you will find quilts, crayon bags, crayon rolls, tea wallets, coasters and eco friendly cloth napkins. Let me help you find the perfect gift!

I'm offering 10% off your total order (prior to shipping) Let's Shop!

Stay tuned, Santa will be visiting a new region on Thursday!
For your own copy of Santa's Official List - Click Here


Jenn said...

Well done! Let the sales begin!

Amalou said...

Great post Elf Winklepots! Where would Santa be without you? We wouldn't know that's for sure... hehehe ;)

Bring on the ETSYkids sales! Ho ho ho!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! Go Santa Go!! Can't wait to meet him, finally!

Robyn said...

Thanks for including my sale in this post! Blog looks great as usual :)

Unknown said...

Great graphics and great sales - I added a post to my blog to help promote :)

Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

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