Take Time!

Posted Monday, August 03, 2009

...so so easy to go into "overload" and miss the roses we forget to stop and smell - nothing helps remind us of those roses more than the kids in our lives, and that is what EtsyKids is all about -the sheer inspiration we gets from our kids! I 'll just share that while photographing orders the other day, I caught my oldest in the garden counting petals on a periwinkle reciting "...she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me..." O.K. now, he's only three and I have no idea where he learned that from! But the pure joy on his face when the last petal was counted upon "she loves me!", even though I know he did not understand completely, was priceless. Then again, just maybe he did. Much like the day our little family experienced lay off in these hard economic times and we literally watched our world turn upside down, my kids were intent on making brownies. Intent in a flat out, stop the world, it is imperative that we make brownies kind of way. So we stopped. Stopped worrying for a moment, stopped the panic, we just stopped. And we made brownies. I truly believe those were the best brownies that will ever come out of our kitchen.

It is this kind of day and week that I wish you - a wow! everything is crazy right now but I really think we should just stop and make brownies kind of day, and may the sweet smell of roses be yours again in plenty :)

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