Show and Tell: Thanks for the Humiliation, Kids!

Posted Monday, August 24, 2009

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Today's Show and Tell... Reader's share their
Embarrassing Kid Stories.

But first, I thought I'd break the ice by sharing my own embarrassing kid story....

The phone rang for my husband during dinnertime one night. Though we were all around the table, it was an important work call and he had to take it. We have caller id, so he groaned when he saw who was calling, as it was a guy he doesn't much like working with. Gracie (three at the time) looked at me, rolled her eyes, and declared loud enough for everyone (and I mean everyone) to hear, "That man is such a douche bag."

Eeeek, that was pretty bad. And here is one by Holly... I had the pleasure of being with her when this one went down:

We recently took the kids out to dinner and while we were waiting for our food, a Muslim family came in and the woman was dressed in head to toe garb so you could only see her eyes. My four year old got really excited, pointed at her and exclaimed, "Look mommy, a ghost!"

OMG, I wanted to crawl under the table. The woman had a good sense of humor though and she and her family just chuckled and sat down. I was so embarrassed though.

Okay, and now on with our readers. Thanks for sharing your stories, everyone!!


Recently, I had my 4 yr old with me at the grocery store. We were at the check out, and she was in the cart. She looks at the guy who is bagging the groceries and says "I don't like that boy." I knew better . . . I knew I should have just let it go and not asked the question, but I did. "Why don't you like that boy?" She looks right at him and says "'cuz he's took ugly!" I was mortified, the checker tried very hard not to smile, and the bag boy pretended not to hear - even thought the people in the back of the store could have heard! Lesson learned - don't ask the question!


So, I've always insisted that my kids dress well for church. This was not a problem for Heidi, my bonafide princess. "Ready to go?" (meaning head 3 blocks down the street to our gorgeous Gothic Presbyterian structure). "Ready!" - in enthusiastic reply.

My family is rather good looking when an effort has been put forth... OOPS! It was not observed until Heidi and I got settled in the Sunday school classroom (taught by yours truly) that while she looked terrific in her fluffy attire, something kind of important was missing! Her underwear was --- still in her underwear drawer!

Also, when Chrissy was in second grade... I have always made it a point to be open and honest with my girls, especially about bodily works and sex (age appropriate - or so I thought!). Until one day when I was the mom whose turn it was to read for the class. Well, I was prepared (or so I though!) to SING:One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. I entered the room confident and ready when my second grader announced, "My mom is on her period." The teacher and I exchanged a telepathic, "let's just pretend we didn't hear that" glance!

Submitted by Kelly


I have twin girls who will be 6 in July. We were in line in the post office last week standing behind a woman who was rather large. My daughter Sarah remarked in her normal volume voice (that is definitely NOT whispering), "Mamma, this lady's sure gotta lotta back!" Not sure whether the woman heard us, and if she did, I was extremely grateful she didn't turn around and hit me over the head with her package.


I was a young mother with a very active and outgoing 3 year old daughter. A friend and I went to lunch and decided to treat ourselves to an Irish coffee...heavy on the Irish! I allowed my daughter to have a root beer that day. My friend and I were engaged in heavy conversation, when the waitress came over and asked if we would like anything else. My daughter exclaimed "I want another drink!" Looking over, the waitress said, "Honey, you still have your root beer." My daughter said "I want another one with whipped cream...that was good." Yeah, she drank my entire Irish coffee...quickly too. I threw money onto the table and rushed her home and called the doctor who assured me that she would be fine, to let her sleep it off and give her plenty of water. I spent the night in tears! I felt like a horrible mom. Looking back, it's kind of funny...she's 24 now.

Submitted by Kym


When my son was learning how to talk he couldn't say certain words clearly. Legos was a pronounced like the really bad racial slur. So if we ever went shopping I never went by the legos aisle because he would say it.

What was just as embarrassing was the way he pronounced flat head screwdriver. He was very into Handy Manny and tools but instead of flat head it came out FU%$ head.
At stores I always repeated loudly, "oh yes that is a FLAT head screwdriver."

Submitted by April


My youngest daughter (Lilly age 3) told a lady at the post office that she looked like a rat. I wanted to crawl into the corner of the room and die!

Submitted by Annie


A few weeks ago my 3 year old and I were making a trip to the grocery store. We got out of the car and I noticed the Goodyear blimp I told him "look at the blimp!" He marveled at it for a minute or so and I told him we had to go inside and maybe it would still be outside when we came back out. We were at the check out and line and we were up and he looks at the cashier very loudly and very excitedly says "I go see the pimp!" I said yes, "We can go see the "BLIMP". But the damage was was done and the cashier gave me a very weird look.

Submitted by Sarah


I was out getting my nails done with friends while my hubby and daughter went to the toy store. They came back to get me, and my 2 1/2 year old daughter started going from person to person saying "I need money for candy. Can I have money? You have money in your purse."

I was beet red, but luckily they are good friends and thought it was hilarious.

Submitted by Jillian


Thanks so much for your stories!

Re-posted with permission from The Mama Dramalogues.


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