Easter Traditions Around the World

Posted Thursday, April 03, 2014

Many countries celebrate Easter with church services chocolate eggs, Easter bunny visits and Easter egg hunts. But I thought it would be fun to see  some Easter traditions from different countries. And what better country to start with than my own!

In Australia rabbits are considered a pest.  While there are still plenty of chocolate rabbits given out at Easter there is a lovely tradition of giving a chocolate Bilbie instead of a rabbit.  Bilbies are a cute but endangered Australian animal. 
Greece: Our family also celebrates some Greek traditions at Easter as my husband is Greek.  The celebrations are all about the food with a traditional Easter bread called tsoueki and eggs dyed red. The red dyed eggs are tapped against another persons to try and crack it.  It is said that the person left with their red egg uncracked will have good luck for the remainder of the year.  Special candles called labatha are made and given as gifts and the traditional Easter greeting is used "Christos Anesti".
Poland: Pouring water on one another is a Polish Easter tradition called Smingus-Dyngus. It originates from when a Polish Prince back in 966AD was baptised on Easter Monday.

Italy: Thousands of visitors flock to St. Peters square to await the popes blessing form the church's balcony.

Bermuda: Bermudians fly homemade kites, eat codfish cakes and hot cross buns.

Haiti: Holy week is marked by playing traditional rara music and colourful parades.
Norway: In Norway a tradition known as Easter crime or Raskekrim is practiced.  This is where people read mystery books or watch crime shows or movies.

How do you celebrate Easter and what special traditions are special to your part of the world?

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