Travel Bags For Kids

Posted Thursday, March 06, 2014

When my children were younger they each had a bag we called their travel bag.  It was nothing flash or expensive, just a simple draw string bag.  It truelly was a life saver and kept the kids amused and occupied countless times. They used their travel bags for car trips, airplane flights, when waiting at appointments, on the bus and other places where quiet play was necessary.

To put together your own Kids Travel Bag start off with a simple bag. Make sure the bag is child sized, and easy for your child to carry themselves.
Try one like this from Childish Thoughts. It even comes with a matching crayon roll and activity book.
Now it is time to  add a few extras to the bag that you know will keep your child entertained. 
Add some pipe cleaners, match box cars, pad of paper and pens, felt shapes, sticker sheets, small toys like this cute monster softie from Mouhoxlab.
 Or this waldorf inspired pocket doll from Polar Bear Creations.
Add a game to play like Tic Tac Toe from Little Blue Birdie.
Before leaving home add a snack and drink to the bag.  Keep the travel bag interesting and exciting by swapping around the items in the bag occasionally or adding an extra toy or game. Only use the bag when away from home so your kids don't get bored with the contents.

Guest blog post by Mel
Mel's Etsy shop Creative Wishes, Handmade Toys For Creative Play.
Mel Blogs at Melinda's Creative Wishes.

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Georgina Giles said...

This is a great idea! My travel Noughts and Crosses games are similar, the bag turns inside out to reveal the board and pieces and you can also put other activities inside.

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