Tots 'N Tails: Put Your Pups in Your Birth Plan!

Posted Sunday, September 15, 2013

We're back! It's Stella & Bodhi. Your favorite baby-savvy four-legged friends here again to talk about where we belong in your birth plan. What?!? Is your pet not in your birth plan! The baby isn't even here yet and you're already forgetting about us.  That calls for some comfort eating of the couch. And maybe your new pair of shoes if there's time.

Where is our two-legged brother, Lucca, you ask? Well, he finally did get out of that time out from last month. But tonight he had to get to bed before the three of us had a chance to sit down and finish this blog.  Nana took us to the beach this week and we've just returned home.  Have we mentioned how outstanding Nanas are? If Mom says no, you should definitely talk to Nana next. That could be a whole other blog post in the future!

Beach Bliss with Mom - better than blogging :)
Ah, but back to birth plans.  So when your lady person is looking particularly big, and probably bumping into you a lot because she can't see you past her big belly, it's time to start hinting that you want in on that "birth plan" action.  The birth plan is this long dissertation on how exactly the lady human has decided that the two-legged one should arrive. How long she wants to labor at home, what type of pain management she may like, even how bright the lights should be or what music should be playing in the background.  You can get an idea of some sample birth plans here, here and here.

It's a big, wild ride for the people in your life and, in all the rush, you need to make sure they remember that we need food and potty breaks, too! Here are three tips from us on where we can fit in to your plans:

1. Doggie Godparents. Babies get godparents, so why shouldn't we? Before Lucca arrived, our parents asked one of their good friends to be our godmother.  We love Rachel and Rachel loves us.  We knew that she would make sure we were well taken care of for as long as our parents were away at the hospital.  We got to spend lots of time with Rachel before the baby so that she knew us like our own mom. Things like our vet info, how we like our kibble, where they keep the leashes and poop bags, our favorite dog parks, and that we ALWAYS sleep on the couch and in bed with our people.  Ok, maybe we tried to convince her of that last one. Godmothers, like Nanas, can be easily swayed.

2. Keys to the City. Our parents gave out keys to our place like party favors.  The grandparents got a set, the godmother got a set, the neighbors, other nearby friends.  Just in case, there would always be someone with keys to get into the house to let us out for a potty break or bring us dinner. And, of course, rub our bellies as we lounged on the couch exactly like we're supposed to.

3. Laboring at Home? Our mom opted to labor at home for as long as possible. And that turned out to be a loooooooong time. Like 20 hours. She made a lot of noise.  For someone who gets so annoyed when we bark in the house, she made quite a racket. We didn't really understand why she was in so much pain and making so much noise and we did get pretty concerned.  Dad would sneak out from time to time to give us a quick walk and a break from the action at home. In hindsight, we might have preferred to have gone over to Rachel's or Nana's where we wouldn't be so worried about our mom.  Dad did put us in our safe zone the house with lots of yummy treats, though.  That was a delicious distraction.

Good luck as you approach your new two-legged friend's arrival! Enjoy these last days where you get your parents all to yourself.  Wake them up at 2am (and 3:30, and 4:45) for a walk as much as you can. It will be good practice for when the baby arrives ;) They'll surely thank you later!

Thanks for reading our post this month! We've also put together a treasury of fantastic birth announcements.  They've got just the right touch to let everyone know that there's a new addition to the family.

Lucca promises to be around for the next post. He has to now that we can talk about our shared experiences in getting acquainted.  So next month, look out to hear about introductions. When Mom and Dad come home with the puppy they made all by themselves, it's a game changer!

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