Re-purposed Glass Jar Jack-O-Lantern Fall Craft

Posted Monday, September 23, 2013

This is a fun and relatively quick Halloween craft project you can do with your children.  Save a few glass jars and you can make a whole row of jack-o-lanters to decorate you home.  The directions are simple and you can keep this craft and reuse it again and again for many years.

You will need:
masking tape
clean glass jar
paint or foam brush
orange acrylic paint ( non-toxic and washable)
battery operated tea light
Modge Podge

Cut the masking tape into simple Jack O -Lantern face pieces( I made all triangles) and stick onto the jar.
Paint the jar with the orange paint.
after the paint dries pull off the tape pieces
cover the entire jar with Modge Podge so that the paint won't chip.
Put the battery powered tea light in after it's all dry.

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