No More Plastic!

Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In our home, we avoid plastics. It is not an easy task at all, but with the handmade market places exploding with is becoming easier.

But first, I came across this video, which by far has been the most convicting for us.

I know that this conviction isn't the same for everyone, but for those wanting to live a more natural life, it seems to be a step we eventually all take.

We began our transition in the kitchen, shying away from plastic food containers and plastic wraps.

The bathroom was also pretty easy...we buy our natural soaps (or make some of them) in the bigger containers to avoid too much platic waste and really think if we need this new product. I switched to the Diva Cup and mama cloth.

Dining was also easy, instead of plastic plates, we bought Corelle. We believe that if kids are lovingly taught to take care of things, they will. Sure, a plate or bowl will break, but Corelle is inexpensive enough...and after all, it is a learning process (not to mention just a plate).

Kids stuff, however, was hard. Not only are we bombarded by plastic toys in the stores, our family, doesn't seem to understand it. We teach the girls to be grateful for the gift they received but we then try to pass it along.

Big toys are plastic, little tiny toys are plastic. 

Lets face it, alternatives aren't cheap!

Thankfully, Etsy can help.

I was browsing through the members list at Etsy Kids (it is about the time we start buying Christmas gifts...we spread out these purchases)...and found  Re-WoodToys.

I love the simplicity these toys evoke.

I have been a favorite of Applenamos for quite sometimes and I know that several of their items will become Christmas toys (we have 3 girls, a baby on the way, 2 nephews and another niece or nephew on the way)

If you are taking the long road to plastic free, please check out these stores (and more) on Etsy. Without Etsy, I don't think we would have been able to make the change ourselves.

Sometimes it isn't cheaper than plastic, but what is more important?

Jacki can be found blogging about natural living, parenting and homeschooling over at Crafted by Mama. She is on Facebook and Twitter. Her shop, Crafted by Mama, sells kids clothing and a little something for mama. She recently opened her reusables store Green Mama Shop to provide reusable, earth friendly items for home and family.

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Caroline Thomas said...

My family thought I was crazy too when I donated all of my daughter's plastic plates and cups. She uses the same glass plates and cups that we do. We only had one item break so far-when she decided to be a big girl and put her bowl in the sink. So really I can't complain. :)

Etsy is always my first stop when looking for toys. I have found the cutest play food items made from wood, felt and cotton. Thanks for the two new shops. I will check them out during the holidays!

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