Posted Saturday, July 10, 2010

Before I start preaching - I may as well say that I am the worst about doing for my finger is pointing at me to! ;)

I 'officially' have my very own studio! I signed the lease on Thursday and me and the boys moved me in this weekend (YAY) BUT that has reminded me how important it is to take a step back from your day to day and breathe. You MUST NOT continue on empty just to keep everyone else happy! Let's face it - if you're not happy ( I mean real happy - not the fake smile happy) and giving back to yourself then everyone will end up not happy eventually!

I was cruising through lots of parent magazines last night and found a few good tips for Happy Mommy.....Like to hear 'em - here they go:

~Take a walk outside and Breathe - we need fresh and air and we need sunlight. If you're stuck in the office and/or in the house 24/7 your body will start to fatigue.

~Play music and Dance and/or Sing

~EAT! Your body will let you know what it wants - so give it what it wants in moderation. And Water is a MUST! Be nice to your body and it will be nice to you!

~Get out of the house by yourself even if its just for a night. Get a hotel room down the street. Watch TV uninterrupted, read magazines, catch up on your stack of books - heck - even just taking a bath without the background noise of a household is nice!

~Take people up on their babysit, clean, cook, whatever - DROP the 'I must do everything myself b/c no one does it like me' act and just say please and thank you! You'll feel so good that you did and the people that are doing the favors will feel GREAT that they could help! WIN WIN!

~Even if you have to get up half an hour early - shower, brush your teeth and dress every day - it makes you feel good and gives you a fresh start to the day!


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