Let Yourself Go and Rejuvenate!

Posted Saturday, July 17, 2010

Discover your best self:
This means something different for everyone, but there are a few universal things you can do to get there.

~Write down what you want: There's something magical about putting your dreams- no matter how big or small - in words. Do it, then revisit them every six months.

~Be alone: Claim 30 minutes as your own daily, then do something us for you, whether that means sitting on your deck with a glass of wine of reading a chapter of the latest best seller.

~Give of yourself: When life crowds in, it's easy to lose track of your connections to those in need. Volunteer and get reacquainted with your generous spirit.

Be Indulgent:
There are few better ways to recharge than pampering. Have a couple of hours to spare? Head to a day spa for a relaxing rubdown. Have more time? Indulge in a three day wellness getaway.

Home Base:
The rejuvenation doesn't have to end when you go home- it's easy to turn your space into a private sanctuary. First, set the scene. The trickle of a water feature adds instant ambiance to any room. Light aromatherapy candles, like lavender will help you unwind.

(excerpts taken from article in this months O magazine, pg. 42)
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