It's Hard to Imagine...

Posted Monday, July 26, 2010

It really is hard to imagine that back to school is just around the corner. Really. I'm no longer in school, my kids are not of school age quite yet, but the summers seem to fly by faster than ever before (although they went all too fast in junior high, I still remember that!) Nonetheless, it is true, the school supplies are stocked on the shelves that only last week held the out fittings for a backyard paradise. Now there are bargain pencils and their cases and the markers I still want to buy even though I'm far away from school age...sigh...also need help getting back in to the school spirit? Look no further than EtsyKids, here you'll find everything you need to return to school in such style, summer will be a pleasant memory!

Baby Girl Chenille Bib in Apple Dot from SoMommySew

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Shauna said...

That picture and the bib itself is beautiful! Not to mention the adorable baby! I know EtsyKids team members have everything anyone would need to get their children ready for school, or fall season!


{lemon drop studio}

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