Snack Sacks

Posted Thursday, May 06, 2010

So have you made any of Amy's fabric snack sacks? So simple and cute huh! If you have we wanna see pictures!

I've got it bookmarked! Fabric snack sacks have been on my "to-do" wish list for the entire school year! And now that summer is just around the corner, I need them even more with sports and swimming and long rides in the car and trips to the zoo, library and park. You see where I'm going.

Not everyone is handy with a sewing machine, and let's face it, even if we are, sometimes it's just more cost effective to let someone else do the work ... hello! How many plastic baggies have my kids thrown away this year? I don't even want to think about it.

So if you're looking to purchase reusable fabric snack sacks the EtsyKids team has a great selection of fabrics and styles perfect for everyone in the family. Check it out:

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