Pregnancy Exposure

Posted Saturday, May 29, 2010

As some of you know - I work in a Genetics Center where we handle a wide range of issues with children and babies. One service we offer is a pregnancy exposure hot-line. I thought, since summer is upon and these basic questions pop up alot on the hot line that I would share some info for anyone who is expecting or knows someone who is :)...then I'm off to the pool YAY!

1. Hair Color:
Highlights are fine b/c they dont touch the scalp - hair dye, however is a no no b/c it saturates your scalp and is then absorbed into your blood stream.

2. Teeth Whitening:
Hormone levels are elevated during pregnancy and increase tooth sensitivity - which makes whitening a bad idea The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry recommends waiting until you've finished breast feeding.

3. Acne
Spot Treatment ONLY - no over all acne systems on a regular basis!

4. Fake Tanning
These are ok - b/c they only sit on the skins surface.

5. Hair Removal
SHAVING ONLY! No chemical removal!

6. Manicure
Manis and Pedis are fine just make sure the salon is well ventilated b/c they can have fumes-o-plenty from all the procedures going on at once!


Sunshineshoppe said...

good to know!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Thanks for the information!

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