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Posted Monday, May 03, 2010

My oldest daughter is 5 and having her own opinions is an understatement. That girl knows what she wants when she wants it and if she doesn't, she'll let you know that too and stick with it. Oh yeah, she'll stick to her guns even when she doesn't know what she wants. And when it comes to clothes, I no longer have a say.

Oh sure, I buy the clothes, all cute and coordinated, but does she necessarily wear them that way, um, no. Once it's in the closet, anything goes. I've found that if I don't interfere with her getting dressed, she'll just do it. Granted, sometimes modifications need to be made according to weather, but generally, she's wearing clothes and that works for me. We all know what the alternative is when she doesn't pick out her clothing. :oP

When I take Peri to preschool, we're usually met with giggles from parents and odd looks from her peers, but everyone pretty much expects that Peri dresses to the beat of her own drum. They're usually tickled pink by her choices. And speaking of pink, no outfit is complete without it. Also, her idea of color coordination is usually, "Look, my shirt is pink and my skirt has pink." Never mind that they're completely different colors and shades of pink; if it's classified as pink, they match.

Lately, I've been documenting my future Project Runway contestant. Now you can all say you knew her when. I'm just waiting for the day when she becomes a trendsetter and what she wears today ends up on every girl next week. Until then, I shall continue to document and smile.

Yes, she's wearing two headbands.

Did you notice this is her favorite dress? Keep in mind, she wore this outfit when it was sunny and warm outside.

Over the weekend, Jim and I were working in the yard and asked Peri to go put some pants on to play in. She put on the outfit above and started to head out. "Peri, you need to wear pants." To which she responded by pulling up her skirt and revealing a pair of shorts. "I did!"

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