Getting Kids Outside This Winter

Posted Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The cold is upon us! I personally don't do well in the cold BUT I know that it is still important to get outside for fresh air and sunshine.

Our girls need a little nudging to go outside but we have found a few tricks to get them outside.

1) Bundle up! 

I probably overdo it at first BUT they can always take layers off. Yes, you can put layers on but our girls will just keep playing rather than come in to get more layers.

Speaking of layers, I wanted to share this sweater from one of our team members...
Hand Knitted boy sweater. Sizes 0-3, 18 and  24 months. Brown.

Doesn't it just seem like a perfect layer for under a coat?

2) Create play spaces outside.

We do this year round for the girls. They are still at the age where they may have a difficult time putting things together themselves so I love to help out!

For the winter, we add pillows and blankets inside their "house" to add some warmth.

3) Get outside with them.

We are fortunate to live in a place where the girls are free to wander outside on their own and I know they are safe (yes, I do check on them quite frequently) but I still try and get out with them. It is good for us adults too!

We need the vitamin D (we can still get it in the cold weather) to help with calcium absorption and to keep out moods lifted during these long winter months.

Don't forget the fresh air! I talked last month about indoor air pollution so this is a great way to refresh those lungs. 

Need some leggings? We have a team member for that!

4) Welcome them back inside with hot cocoa.

I don't think I need to explain this one...who doesn't love hot cocoa on a cold day? If you can't do hot cocoa, how about some warm tea? Or even some warm bread!

It doesn't matter what you do...just get outside! Of course, there will be times you just can't due to weather but when you can please do.

Jacki can be found blogging about natural living, parenting and homeschooling over at Crafted by Mama. She is on Facebook and Twitter.  She recently opened her reusable item store Green Mama Shop to provide reusable, earth friendly items for home and family.

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