Meet Etsy Seller Zucchini Island

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today we would like to introduce you to Ioana
and her Etsy shop Zucchini Island

Zucchini Island has been selling on Etsy since June 2010, she specializes in creating lovingly hand knit baby blankets, baby knit hats, pixie bonnets and accessories for children and women, too. Today she is sharing a little about her shop and selling handmade items.

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What motivated you to start your shop?
This is my second shop and it wasn't something like "Let's see how it goes". I just had the feeling that this is THE THING I want to do; and even if  weeks go by and I have only a few sales, I have this crazy feeling that the shop is doing perfect.
I know that everything that has to be will be at exactly the right time. So, I am patient  and do the work, learn the lessons and move down the road ahead.

What is the story behind your shop name?
My shop name. Well, that is a story to tell.
The shop itself, the name and the new me were born because of a real island, where I wanted to go, for no reason at all, for the last 3 or 4 years. I just felt that I had to go there. It is a island in North of Greece. It is where I found my inner peace, I found the new ME that was dying to come out.
I had this feeling of peace and calm and it felt like that "Aha!" moment in my life: "Here I am. This is WHO I am".
I remember one night waking up in the middle of the night and just hearing the waves and their rhythm, calm, over and over again...I kept that sound in my heart, I kept the bluest, deepest water in my memory and I often go there in my mind to find my inner peace.
Well, this is why my shop is called "Island" - it is my island where I am at peace, where I am happy. I take my "island" with me wherever I am. I wish to send out into the world little pieces of it, little pieces of love and peace.

What surprised you most about having your own craft / online shop?
I started my first shop: FlowersByKara with the idea to make an extra buck, besides my day job and what surprised me the most was the fact that it brings in so much more than an extra buck! There is a great joy just from a letter telling you someone enjoyed your creations, or their mother or their best friend. I love the freedom I feel when I work for my shop.

What is your favourite creations from your shop?
My favourite creations are always my newest ones, but I still love everything I make. Mostly I love making the baby bonnets, specially for the baby girls, so I can add sweet flowers and butterflies.

What do you find most challenging about being an Etsy seller?
The most challenging thing for me is the marketing stuff. Pfff! Couldn't I just create and someone else do this job, please? So, bringing in the traffic for my shop is the master of the most challenging job. But, not complaining, I just need to learn more.

What's your personal philosophy behind your shop / products?
My personal philosophy is: "Be kind". I keep it close to everything I do, not only my shop. The shop' moto is: "Stitching seeds of love" and I do believe in it: adding in every stitch a little bit of love.

How would someone (other then you) describe you?
I have asked my friend what word would she use to describe me; she said "Creative" and then she added: "you are too nice for these days" I found it funny, but I do not agree that there can be too much of "nice".

What do you do when you aren't working?
I do have a day job - I still do. I planned last year to quit it when my daughter finishes 3rd grade - that is in June! I also manage a second Etsy shop, Flowers By Kara
And also keeping up with everything in the house, raising a kid, my job and both Etsy shops.
But I love to spend my free time my kiddo and my friends. I also love to swim, except I am not very good at it (go figure!)

Please tell us a little about the children's items market / handmade movement in your Country?
I am from Romania, in Eastern Europe, an ex-comunist country. It's only been 24 years since we became a democratic country. It was difficult to learn to live in a competitive economy, to create the competitive economy. The handmade movement is just starting to develop to a level that can be recognized and accepted as a way of living.
But if I were to tell that I want to leave a "secure" day job and stay home and knit, most people would say I am crazy! I hope that, little by little  the handmade goods will be appreciated and will become part of everyone's life.

Anything else you'd like to tell us or share?
For all those who are thinking about having a go at doing something that they love:
Do you love what you do? Then do not hesitate. You will spend days and nights working with passion.
Experiences go up and down, from a huge smile when you read some fantastic feedback from someone, to complete frustration when a package seems lost in the mail.
So just give it a try, give it your BEST SHOT, so you will not regret what could have been!

Zucchini Island is offering 12% discount, valid until the end of May 2013. To use the coupon visit her etsy store and enter code "ETSYKIDS" at checkout.

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