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Posted Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hi Everyone ! My name is Adriana and I am the Proud  Etsy store owner and creator of Too Cute Invites. I am so honored to be a part of this great blog and to contribute my two sense about Children's Birthday Parties and Baby Showers ! Thank you EtsyKids for allowing me to share with you all .

I want to start by saying I am not an Event Planner by far but I am a mom and have friends and family members who are as well .Everyone knows how important that Big day is for your little one . May it be they are only turning 2 or 3 or 10 to them its a big deal its there special day .As a parent you want it to be the best day of their lives and as special as possible ! When I threw my sons first and Second Birthday Parties  I was so excited and wanted to do everything myself ! Then reality hit and time flew by so I needed help and turned to Etsy ! I made my own Invitations which inspired me to start my shop but I ordered almost everything else from other shops . I found Favors, Favor bags, Ribbons, Decorations , Hats and Custom Shirts for him to wear I was BEYOND thrilled that I had help from other people like me ! I even found a shop to make me little sugar goldfish to go on the cupcakes ! that's what I love about this community no matter what you need and can think of someone is here to help you create it ! All my guests loved the items and I was happy to share with them where I got them and help out other Etsy sellers.

Another important point to make is when you are buying from an Etsy shop you are supporting small business and artisans .Each item you buy is made by hand especially for you and your event it truly makes it unique. You wont find any of these items at the big brand name stores and your event will be different from all the rest ! I always say be as creative as your child would be and you will have a fun , beautiful party your child will remember forever!

Each month I will be showing you a step by step party guide Using items found on Etsy and more importantly made by EtsyKids team members. I will stick to one theme that is popular and show you how to plan around it and all the great finds we have in this community ! I hope to share all the great fun things Birthday parties and Baby showers are about and make this experience as fun for you and your child as well ! I will also share some money saving tips and maybe a coupon or two !

Please stop by on June 11th when I will have the First Theme up and If you are a Party or Party related vendor on the Etsy Kids team and want to share your work with me for future post Please contact me and I will gladly take note !

Have a great holiday weekend everyone,
Xo, Adriana

Adriana's shop is  Too Cute Invites, Unique handmade invitations and party accessories. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter for updates and new items

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