Halloween Safey Tips

Posted Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween is a night of frights and fun! But to stop any horror stories here are some safety tips to keep your little ones safe this Halloween eves.

Costume Saftey
  • Avoid masks if possible as they can obstruct a child's vision, instead consider face paint.
  • If using face paint do a skin test a few days before for any allergies. And remember to remove it before bed time.
  • Make sure costumes are flame retardant or flame resistant  there are lots of candles in pumpkins and other places that can set a costume alight.
  • Add some reflective tape to costumes (front and back!) so kids can be easily seen by cars.

Out Trick or Treating
  • For young kids make sure an adult will accompany them, for older children make sure they go around with a group of friends and know to stick together.
  • Visit well-lit areas and take a flash light with you.
  • Plan a route for trick or treating and make sure an adult knows it.
  • Set a time to be back home by, and set an alarm on a mobile or watch if possible.
  • Take extra care crossing streets, only cross on crosswalks and remember to look left, right and left again!
  • Never go inside houses for treats or Halloween games.
  • Bring home the candy for parents to check before eating any.
  • Make sure your child knows how to call 9-1-1 (or your local emergency number) 
  • Pin a slip of paper with the child's name, address and phone number on the inside of their costume in case they get lost.  

Tips for Parents
  • Give the kids a big meal before they go out, they are less tempted to eat candy while out.
  • Make sure your kids know where they are going and basic saftey rules for peoples homes and crossing the road.
  • Make sure your home is safe for other peoples children, clear the lawn, porch and sidewalk and set out lighting so kids can see well.
  • Careful picking candy, think nut allergies, and chocking hazards like gum and hard candies.

As a Driver
  • Take extra care when out driving on Halloweens eve.
  • Watch for children on the streets, and be careful at crossings and pulling into driveways.

For more information on Halloween safety visit these websites

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