Curling up with a good book

Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today we have Posies and Petals guest posting with us!

Winter is a great time to curl up with a great book. I relish that quality time with my kids and recently we've had quite alot of it. So I asked Will to bring me his two favorite books, I wasn't surprised that he couldn't stop at two. First he brought me these two....


then these....

and lastly this one.

They are all fantastic books that I have enjoyed in my classroom as well as my living room. Today we spent a little extra time with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We made a tree and used our letter magnets to retell the story. First Will and I, then Will and his dad, then lastly Will told the story to his sister Caroline, who sat and watched in amazement.

Then we just happened to have some animal crackers shaped like letters, so we acted it out again over snack! I love when things work out like that. Tomorrow, we will look for number magnets to act out Chicka Chicka 123.

What are your favorite books right now? For yourself and your kids? I always love hearing new titles!

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