Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Posted Monday, December 19, 2011

Here is a great quick last minute handmade gift idea!
Cosmetic Bag Tutorial Shared by: Nana Brown's

I love it when I find something great and get that bolt of inspiration that fuels me and keeps me creating.

I was wandering around a shop in town and saw these fabulous placemats. It was love at first sight, but we don’t use placemats on our kitchen table. Instead, I had a vision of something fabulous and useful instead, a new cosmetic bag. My old one has been with me for more years than I can remember and is in a very sorry state. It needed replacement and I was inspired - what a great combination!

I bought several placemats made with all kinds of different fabrics and interfacing. I found the easiest ones to work with had lighter interfacing in them, otherwise it makes it too hard to get the zipper in.

Here is an easy tutorial to make your own cosmetic bag from a placemat.
Placemat Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

If you love the way they look but do not want to make your own they can be purchased in my Etsy shop too.

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myminimocs said...

excellent tutorial! love the bag featured here!!!

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