Thanksgiving Keepsake

Posted Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reprinted with permission from TinyStitches

Years ago when my kindergartner was a a wee babe, we made this Thanksgiving keepsake for the grandma's and great-grandma's as an expression of love and gratitude for each of them.  Each of the children's hands got covered in paint to create these fun Thanksgiving turkeys.  Five years later, they marvel and how much their hands have changed. 

With families gathering across the United States next week.  This little activity is quick and simple and will yield a sweet product that will freeze a little slice of time for all who participate.

You'll need a tea towel, acrylic craft paint, a few paint brushes, ribbons/trims of your choosing. 

Generously, but carefully, paint your child’s hand with the intended paint colors – seriously, cheap acrylic craft paint works wonderfully, and it survives LOTS of washings, honest.   Work quickly as a thin layer of paint dries quickly and you'll be painting the palm and thumb brown, and each finger a different paint color.  Make sure the paint is still wet before you gently, but firmly, press their hand down on the lower third of a white tea towel.  Don’t jostle or wiggle, or the turkey will smudge.  Consider how many turkey’s you’ll do so you space them appropriately across the towel … how cute would it be to do a towel with all the cousins Thanksgiving morning while they wait for the meal?  For little, little ones, stick with a brown turkey and let the older kids add color with their hand print turkey’s.

Using colored permanent markers — Sharpies work wonderfully! — draw the eyes, legs, beak and gobbler on your special turkeys.  Be sure to also label each hand print with the child’s name and along the hem in the corner, add “Happy Thanksgiving” and the year.

Sew coordinating ribbons and trims below the turkeys.  I use white thread in my bobbin and invisible thread in the top so I can quickly and easily sew different colored trims on without having to change threads, and the back stays neat and polished too. [Consider doing this step first if you'll be traveling and gifting this to your hostess.]

Set paint with a hot iron and pressing cloth.  Launder normally.

* * * * 

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