6 Things I wish I’d known (or I’m glad I knew) before my mammogram

Posted Tuesday, November 01, 2011

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October was breast cancer awareness month, and although it is a little late, Salinda from personalitychildrens has one last post to share on the topic.

6 Things I wish I’d known (or I’m glad I knew) before my mammogram

I had a mammogram today. Nothing crazy is going on, but my obgyn said I needed a baseline screening at my recent check-up. Here’s what I wish I’d known, or that I’m glad someone told me, before today:

1. Some recommendations suggest that women have baseline mammograms at age 35. I always thought it was 40, so my doctor really surprised me when he suggested I get a mammogram. (I’m only 35 29.)

2. The machine is this tall thing with a platform. You stand up, they line you up and smoosh. Why is it important to know you’re standing up? Well, I wear dresses and skirts pretty much all the time. Thankfully, I was in a blouse and skirt today and I only had to remove my top layer. So…no dresses.

3. No deodorant, powders, etc. Thankfully, a friend mentioned this to me last night at church. Apparently these can cause false reads.

4. It really doesn’t hurt. Really. I promise. It is uncomfortable, but for like 3 seconds. Honestly, it was easier than an x-ray at the dentist with those crazy films they put in your mouth that almost gag you. For the record, I did take a preemptive Advil dose.

5. Your mammogram tech is not a radiologist, so she can’t give you any diagnostic info. That said, Lisa (my friendly mammogram tech this morning) was full of information that I did need. She told me when and how I would hear from the doctor’s office. She also told me:

6. “Don’t panic if you get called to come in for more views.” Apparently, “re-dos” are quite common, mainly to establish that the baseline is all clear. Good to know.

So, that’s it. That’s what I’m glad I knew (or wish I’d known) before this morning. Is there something you could add to the list?

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Chelsea Leis said...

The more you are properly informed about something, the less fears you will have about that thing. The same goes with mammogram. The discomfort associated with the procedure can be taken as negligible when compared with the potential benefit of early detection. On a lighter side, your observation about dresses and mammograms is very true.

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