Recipe:: French Onion Soup

Posted Saturday, October 01, 2011

A great fall recipe for those cool nights courtesy of Niah Bella Boutique ...

Easy French Onion Soup

several thick slices of stale, or staled in the oven french bread
olive oil
red cooking wine
4-6 onions thinly sliced
one box each of chicken and beef stock, low sodium
two tablespoons of Italian blend seasonings
chopped garlic, or garlic salt
celery salt
sliced provolone cheese
oven safe soup ramekins or soup mugs....

In electric skillet with lid toss in the thinly sliced onions, or chop them if you prefer bite sized pieces, add some olive oil and slowly toss till caramelized, do not burn. Add in the dry seasonings and toss.
Poor the red cooking wine over the onions and let simmer for a min, long enough to open the two boxes of broth! Add both boxes of broth, and lower lid. Allow to simmer.

Once the soup has reduced down a bit you can ladle it into the oven safe mugs, leaving a half in or so at the top to accommodate the bread, place bread on top of soup and add provolone cheese, toast in oven till cheese is just melted, and serve.....

This smells so good, and can be made easily for company as everything can be done ahead and left to simmer till five minutes before serving when you place in the oven to toast... No one ever complains or goes home hungry when you serve comfort food, and this one can look so elegant!

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