Fall Toss Game for your Haloween Party DIY by The Sewing Loft

Posted Sunday, October 16, 2011

The leaves are starting to turn and it is time to pick apples, carve pumpkins and have fun in the corn maze with friends! Sounds like the perfect combination for a fall party! Which means, activities. This super simple game is perfect for Halloween parties, fall festivities and even class room fun!

This project is for sewers with basic skills.
Skill Level- 1 1/2 Buttons
  • Box
  • Box Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Marker or Pencil
  • Paint & Basic Supplies
  • Heavy Weight Fabric
  • Fabric in Contrast Colors
  • Heat & Bond Ultra
  • 1 2lb bag of Black Eyed Peas
  • Thread, Sewing Machine, Iron
**Note that I used old jeans for the base of each bag and old tee shirts for the leaf pattern on the front. (No fabric was purchased.)
Basic instructions for Box:
  1. To create the angle on your box measure 3” across the opening at one edge. Then up 1” from the bottom. Take your ruler and connect the lines. Repeat to other side. Connect lines across the side. (This is your cutting line.)
  2. On the bottom of the box, sketch out your design. Have fun here. (I just used a bowl for shape.)
  3. It is best to cut the design first. Then the sides. Please take care when cutting.
  4. Paint box in your desired color. I painted mine brown. I just used craft paint I had on hand.
  5. Set aside to work on bags.
Basic instructions for Bags:
  1. To create the base for the 6 bags cut 12 squares 5 1/2" large.
  2. For the leaf pattern I looked to Mother Nature for the perfect pattern. (That’s right, not need to reinvent the wheel here! Just take a stroll outside and look in the trees.) I outlined my leave to a piece of cardboard and cut out. This is your templates for the top of bags.
  3. Apply Heat & Bond to wrong side of each fabric for your design. Draw & cut out shapes.
  4. Following the directions on the Heat & Bond package, peel the backer away and apply design to the front side of your bag. *Be careful, not to iron on the wrong side of fabric. Once in place, the bond is strong and it will not come off. To create the vines in the leaves, I used my sewing machine and applied a straight stitch in a contrasting color.
  5. To join the bags together, line up the front and back of bags right sides together. Using 3/8" seam allowance and the straight stitch on your sewing machine, stitch bags together. Start 1" in from the edge of one side and stitch all around the bag and stop 1" after the last corner. Be sure to back stitch for strength at start and stop. Clip corners and turn right side out.
  6. Fill bag with approx 3/4 cup of Black Eyed Peas, fold under the seam allowance and stitch the last side closed. ** Do not over fill. You will not be able to stitch the last seam closed.
  7. Clip all loose threads for a finished look.
Now, I know that I was super loose with the photos on this one but if you click here (and check out pages 6 & 7), you can see the Halloween Smash Game DIY with full pattern I made for Green Child Magazine... Super Cute right!! I am so doing this for my daughter's Halloween Class Party!! Be sure to drop me a line or share on the facebook page photos of your Toss Game!

Happy Crafting!

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Halloween Decorating Ideas said...

you actually made a great haloween decoration here. Nice ideas. actually I am now also looking for another halloween decorating ideas because I don't want to do the same as what we did last year.

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