Spring season

Posted Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture provided by Baby Chick Designs

Spring is here or at least it is here in my area of Coastal Texas. The sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers have begun blooming. This also means that the spring season of craft shows will begin shortly. Craft shows can be a blast for both vendors/artists and customers. Vendors get to get out and meet people in person, get immediate feedback, and make new friends with the other vendors/artists. Customers get to find things they would of never thought of looking for.

I personally enjoy the interaction with the customers, selling online is a great fun and I enjoy every minute of it, but sometimes I miss the personalities I meet when I am out in the real world. And sometimes the fresh air is a great relief from all those cotton balls and dust bunnies that sometimes accumulate in my work space.

So I thought it would be great fun to take a small breather from internet life and discuss what we love about craft shows. Vendors/artists what do you enjoy about craft shows? Customers, or those of us that get to be customers from time to time, what do you enjoy about craft shows? And what is the craziest thing you ever saw at a show?

Lets have some fun with this.


sara k said...

I've only done one show so far, but my very favorite thing was the camaraderie of the artisans. Everyone gave tips and advice and was so nice.

Second favorite thing about doing a show was designing my booth and seeing everything come together. Usually my art is in bits and pieces in my studios, so it was fun to see it all hanging and looking pretty together.

Third favorite thing was INSTANT POSITIVE FEEDBACK. So nice to hear from complete strangers how much they love your work.

I could keep going with the great things. I haven't seen anything really that strange yet, but I will keep my eyes open at my next show

Becky said...

I hadn't been to a craft show in a long time because I thought of it as an old person thing. Then I went to the indie show Crafty Bastards in DC and a whole new world opened up! Such creative energy, humor, and new points of view on what craft is. I became addicted to indie shows: Renegade, Bust Craftacular, Holiday heap in Baltimore, etc. I started crafting again myself and have a goal of being in a show sometime this year.

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