How the Library Saved My Sanity

Posted Sunday, February 06, 2011

We are suffering from a little snow bound, cabin fever at our house. You probably are, too. We were just about out of ideas to keep our four year old from climbing the walls. Then I discovered this amazing place in our town. It is filled with books and they let you borrow them for free! Wacky.

Reading is very important in our household, and our daughter’s book shelves runneth over. So I was very surprised at her excitement over the library books. I had forgotten that Preschooler Rule-"Someone Else’s Toys (and evidently books) Are Way More Interesting Than Your Own".

More important than the excitement were the two hours we spent cuddling on the couch, reading and re-reading the new books. We didn’t just read those books. We studied them. We counted all the dinosaur eggs on the back cover of “Tell Me A Dragon”. We decided what we would take to the sea shore with “Scaredy Squirrel Goes to the Beach”. We laughed so much at “Crabby Pants” that we weren’t cranky anymore either.

The library will be a regular stop on my Saturday errands run. But just in case, I’d still be interested to know if there’s an EtsyKids shop that sells a kid size hamster exercise wheel.

Check out these great shops on Etsy to keep your own kids from putting on those crabby pants.

Build Your Own Brick Crayon Set by GaddyNipperCrayons

Grey Squirrel I-Spy bag by ThoseGreatHouseWomen

Penguin Finger Puppets by KidNaroundCreations

Dragondino SnailGoose by Kinchi

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