Leaves are Falling

Posted Friday, November 12, 2010

The kids were home from school today, thanks to parent teacher conferences, and the weather was amazing for mid-November in the midwest - Sunny and low 70s! We obviously spent the day outside. This morning we raked leaves, huge beautiful brown oak leaves that continued to fall all around us each time the wind blew. After an hour, half the yard was cleared of leaves and the kids had a huge pile of leaves perfect for jumping in.

While we raked, we collected little bits to make these wreaths tomorrow morning ... pine cones, acorns and acorn tops, seed pods. I'm on the look out for sweetgum seed pods, 'cause I'm confident a little collection would make an fantastic nature wreath, don't you?

I hope you get a chance to enjoy beautiful crisp autumn weather this weekend, and while you're at it, check out these fun autumn leaf inspired creations from Etsykids team members.


Heather said...

autumn is just such a wonderful season! cute barrette!

Ahmelie.com said...

Sunny and 70 one day and snow and 30's the next. Welcome to the midwest! lol!


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