Go T-E-A-M!

Posted Friday, November 19, 2010

We live in a college town. And for the last couple of years we've tried to go to one football game a year. This year, my husband decided to purchase a pack of tickets so he could take each of the children on a daddy kid outing to a football game. Our team had a TERRIBLE record, of the four games he took them too, three lost, and the fourth game they were so convinced they were going to lose that they left (halftime score 27-0) only to have them win the game in the last quarter - who does that? Thankfully for our kids, cotton candy and popcorn or a pretzel go a very, very long way and tipped the scale for each of them, so they were anything but disappointed.

Everyone has their favorite team -- high school, college, pro -- and who doesn't love showing their support by wearing their teams colors. Lots of our EtsyKids Team members recognize the need to adorn a little team spirit in and out of the stands. Here are just a few of the sellers who specialize in team pride accessories. Many accept custom requests so you can create just the right color combination for your special team.

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