Tags and Twine - Tutorial with free download!

Posted Monday, August 16, 2010

Have you noticed that presentation, the all important finishing touches, can take the plain and turn them into something so much more than plain. These finishing touches aren't big and expensive, all too often they are simple things we have on hand that when thought of, used, can turn a simple house plant, a candy bar, a plate of cookies, into a gift that is so much more than a thoughtful gesture ... a basket, a ribbon, a little tissue paper, cellophane, or a simple piece of twine and a tag. It's just a matter of taking the extra minute or two to do it.

Grace Hester of gracehesterdesigns has a knack for presentation. One look at her Etsy shop and a quick pa-rouse of her blog and you know, nothing leaves her hands without it looking like it stepped away from a photo shoot.

Grace recently created some beautiful tags for a friend and is now sharing them with us on her blog so we can make our own set to dress up our brown paper packages! Thankfully she's also provided a quick how-to to insure our tags look as crisp and professional as her's do.

You can find the tutorial and the freebie download on her blog, here. See the lovely teal and white bakers twine - that little something extra that makes those little tags sing? Well she's even got a little giveaway going on ('til Wednesday 8/18/10) for some, so be sure to check that out as well!

Thanks to Grace for granting us permission to use her photographs and share these tags with you.

1 comment:

Grace Hester Designs said...

Aw thanks for re-blogging about the tutorial and giveaway!

I chuckled at how you enunciated "pa-rouse".

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