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Posted Saturday, August 07, 2010

This weekend is a magazine weekend for me...I have tons to catch up on. While reading Parents, I came across a quick reference guide for fixing boo boos - I thought it appropriate to share with the onset of back to school and all :)

Cut or Scrape:: If there's bleeding, apply pressure to the site until the bleeding stops. Then clean it under luke warm water and gently pat dry. Bandage if needed.

Burn:: Immediately hold under cool running water or apply a cold, wet towel until the pain subsides. Cover any small blisters with a loose bandage or gauze and tape. Call a doctor as soon as possible if burns are on the face, hands or genitals or it they're larger than a quarter inch.

Nosebleed:: Have your child sit upright, but don't tilt their head back. Loosen any tight clothing around the neck. Pinch the lower end of the nose close to the nostrils and have them lean forward while you apply pressure for five to ten minutes.

Splinter or Glass:: Use soap and water to wash around the splinter. Take clean tweezers and remove. When a splinter is hard to remove - leave it alone for a day or two and see if it comes out on its own. If your child steps on a piece of glass that isn't a single shard you can easily remove...gently wrap with a clean cloth and head to the ER. Even the smallest shards can lead to infection if not removed.

Eye Trauma:: If your child has severe pain, constant tearing, light sensitivity or blurry vision after being poked or hit in the eye - hold a cold wet cloth over it and head to the ER, they may have scratched the eye's surface and will need to be treated.

Bite or Sting:: If the stinger is still in - scrape with your nail or credit card to remove. Tweezers can squeeze more venom into the skin. If your child has trouble breathing, is coughing or develops a hoarse voice, hives or swollen lips or tongue - call 911.

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